Tired and confused

I’m wondering why I spent over two hours doing dishes today. I want a dishwasher but I don’t want to spend a fortune to maintain it or use that much water to do the dishes. I’m also wondering how I ended up with two of those standing clothes baskets over flowing. I managed to get one load of laundry washed and hung up today, I put another one in soak. I’m auditioning stain removers I want one that works on every stain.

I’m wondering why I’m not in bed yet since I have to get up in the morning. I’m useless without my morning coffee so as long as I get up in time to have a cup or two it’ll fine. I’m tired so I’m not going to make enough sense to babble so I’ll be going now.

I managed to vacuum a little bit. I have to get up the papers that Theresa threw on the floor at some point. I’ve got to find my file folders. That was an irritating moment a while back, I love telling someone I have something while they continue to tell me to get it.

It’s tax time and I won’t be able to get direct deposit this year. I just hope that I can get the check in time to pay off some bills and to get some things fixed. This is going to be a rather interesting year to say the least. I hope that it’s all worth it in the end. I bought some chocolate bars thinking if they were in the house I might not want them but all having them here does is make me hungry. I’m tired so I’ll be going now. I have a window open to see if I can find an assignment that I want to do or not. I need to send an email too.