Learning New Guidelines

It’s hard to adjust to new guidelines, you think I’d be used to it by now. Every time I write for someone they have specific guidelines to follow depending on what they want me to do. So why is it that reading the guidelines for Constant Content is taking me so long? Could it be the three strikes and you’re out thing? I’m betting that it is.

I’ve grown fond of Textbroker even though at first I avoided like the plague because the instructions didn’t appear clear enough for me. Well, turns out that they are and it takes fairly little time to write the articles and have the clients accept them. I managed to get my balance up to $81.65 since I requested payout on the 18th of January. That’s not bad considering this is the 31st which means I’ve managed to average almost $7 a day with therapy, potty training and cleaning the house. The bad news?

There are a number of things that I have to buy this month most of them supplements. Complete powder, L-carnosine, magnesium citrate and pro-omega fish oil. Then there are the ones that I’ll have to buy the next payday. To top it off my other half’s loan that he didn’t bother to consult me about is coming due and he can’t pay it and put gas in the car to get to work.

It’s 60 degrees in an effort to keep the light bill from reading so high again.


I was reading a blog post that lead me to read this article and it reminded me a little bit of spending time with my grandparents when I was little. They like Annie’s parents were raised during the great depression. Anything saw as wasting got you in trouble.

Funny I see things that I want all the time that I never bother to buy. It’s strange but once I get those things I never touch them again unless it’s an electronic device. I actually use some of them. A few months ago I purchased a paper shredder, I’ve used it once. I bought it because I wanted to shred my junk mail and put it into compost with worms to make potting soil. I don’t have any worms in the yard. I might but the ground isn’t good for digging them with all the weeds out here. That and I can’t remember how to do it anymore. I have to find the instructions for composting with worms. They turn kitchen scraps and stuff into potting soil. It’s actually very interesting.

I realized that I have $82.44 in my textbroker account. I have a few more days to earn the rest of what I wanted to earn for the next payout request. At this rate I can safely say that I expect to get a 1099 from them at the end of the year. I have two short articles that haven’t processed yet. If they do that’ll give me $84.54. I only wanted $100 this payout so I’m close. I’ll keep the goal there so it’s easy to maintain focus and if I manage to go over it then that’ll be great too. Well, I’m off to figure out what I have to do in the morning.

I know that grocery shopping while the little one is at school is on the list. I also know that I have to do some yard work before it gets hot if it’s not raining or freezing cold tomorrow morning. I plan to spend some of next weekend outside. I realized today that I’ve spent most of the last four years indoors whether I wanted to or not. It’s time to change that.

Quiet Weekend under my Blankets

Well after the shock of the actual light bill reading and realizing that I’m the only one that appears to stay cold I spent the weekend under blankets while I worked. The little one agreed to put long pants on and her father seemed to enjoy the fact that I was not burning everyone out of the house. I must admit I was more productive working with the window coverings open to let in natural light first thing in the morning and my eyes hurt less than they have in a long time.

Theresa’s potty training was put on hold since she spent most of yesterday in disposables but she’s seems to have picked up where we left off this morning. She’s staying dry longer and longer which is a very good sign. Two out of three private therapists are assisting in the efforts and the other one well, Theresa will tell her she has to go then refuse to go. That therapist would be building the cooperation factor through other exercises and taking Theresa on a schedule they had previously worked out.

I actually enjoyed the chill in the air at night. I turned the thermostat down to 60-65 to keep the chill out of the air and the heat didn’t run all night like it did when I set it higher. We’ve decided to invest in a space heater for the coldest rooms in the house. http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=workinga-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B000TTV2QS&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifrI’m looking at something with a settable thermostat for the smallest rooms in the house like the bathroom so that we don’t get too hot. The baby has to have the chill out of the air when she takes a bath. I have to finish ripping up the carpet in there. Problem is I’m hoping for something with a cooling setting too so that they don’t have to be stored and exchanged during the summer months. Is that too much too ask? I have to finish ripping up the bathroom carpet but that’s fine too.

Theresa is enjoying Mickey Mouse right now. She has pre-school in the morning and I have four hours to work, clean house and run to the grocery store. I also get to stop and put air in my tires myself since I dear other half under inflated them last time. Neither measurement matched but both were below the guides for the tire. I think I’ll get him a digital or rather me a digital so that I know what’s what.

My biggest surprise this weekend was getting to read some out of each of the two books I’m reading for relaxation. I still have to find time to read the third but I”m keeping up with the posted study of it so I’m doing good in my world here.

Not Fond of Surprises

I’m not really fond of surprises but I got one today to prove it. My light bill came in. Not only is it $165 more than it was this time last year but it’s made us go $158.92 over our monthly budgeted amount which means that we’ll be seeing an increase in the amount that we pay for it very shortly when the settle up bill comes due. Ready for the actual bill amount? I wasn’t but I’ll tell you anyway. It was $405.72. There are three of us. My theory is that it has to do with the leaky roof, windows and falling duct work none of which I can afford to replace.

My other half doesn’t listen he’s trying to get us a mortgage we can’t afford to pay on something larger. I’m trying to go smaller to encourage people to go home. We got the last of my other halfs tax forms and we’re still waiting on my 1099 so we can file. I’m a good mind to do all of my adding by hand and go ahead and file them electronically. I have a feeling that we’re going to be taking everything to a tax preparer this year to see if we can get a tax advance loan.

I have a lot of repairs to do which means spending money to save money. I’m currently doing my third load of laundry for the day so I’ll be back later. I have to get a lot accomplished this weekend the little one is supposed to be napping but she’s not. It’s going to be a long weekend with potty training.

What’s the point?

I was happy when my $25 from sidetick finally came in so I could put toward a phone bill and have the rest of my payments for the 31st and 10th to help pay off a loan so we could come out of the red. This morning my other half shattered that when he asked me for gas money. I have $63.67 at Textbroker and another $37.49 at Helium. That brings my incoming total from content sites up to $101.16 – 21.80 for a phone bill will leave me with $79.36. A good deal short of what I actually need when you consider that I have to buy a $60 bottle of fish oil out of that. The bottle will last for one month. I need to put her back on the melatonin so that she sleeps at night. The money I gave my other half this morning was for supplements.

I’m going to have to begin taking his check and giving him an allowance again or making him walk to work. I’m tired of his always causing problems. It would be cheaper to divorce him that to put up with him but then my child’s grandparents would butt their noses in more than they do now and cause all kinds of problems because that’s just the way that they are.

It’s Almost Friday!

Well, it’s Thursday which meant that yesterday we had preschool and ABA. We were supposed to have speech but it was cancelled yesterday and today because the therapist was sick. After ABA and before OT she’s always a bit testy now.

I’m not really happy with the ABA this week actually since June Theresa has been having compliance issues after ABA sessions. It’s these times of non-compliance that make working from home the most difficult. The fact that the ABA isn’t focusing on potty training now and wants to wait irritates me a bit. The fact that I can keep buying disposables or continue taking her to therapy hasn’t seemed to dawn on her yet.

Theresa loses potty training progress on Monday and Wednesday. She won’t be able to go to her grandparents for even a short visit since they’re well lazy since the invention of disposables. That and they don’t listen any better than one of the therapists at the moment. OK I lost my thought so I’ll be going now.

Is it Friday Yet?

Unfortunately it’s not and I’m already exhausted. Today was a preschool day which meant that I was up early. By some small stroke of luck this morning the short and sweet news articles that I like posted at 6a.m. I managed a total of six short and sweet articles all day. They go very quickly, the time it takes to write one which is all of five minutes can mean that you go back and over half of them are gone. $9 today but that’s fine only $11 less than my daily goal and I took the afternoon off at noon.

We didn’t have private speech today because the therapist was sick but we did have ABA. Today was one of those days that I got the feeling the therapist was distracted a little bit. I think trying to probe new skills and make a therapy plan when a child is trying to act as if you’re not there is a bit difficult and cause you to feel a little confused. At least I know that it is for me.

Now how do you politely tell someone that wants to focus on something else that potty training your child is top priority and you could care less about “touch” until it’s done? Although Theresa got that concept. The camera is at a bad angle to see if there are bathroom hints that are going unnoticed during the session. I thought that I had covered them all but Theresa is not being as open with the signs during ABA. I thought there were a couple times that she was trying to show the therapist that she needed to go but it was hard to tell since she was below me b/c of the camera angle.

Oh well, a short and sweet news article just popped up so I’ll be going for now.

Days off to a good start but……..

I wish I knew more about online games. If I did I could make up to $126 on one article.  That would put me well over my goal for one site’s next payday. I set a goal of $100 for one site b/c of the work that I do there and I’m over half way there now. I did five short and sweet articles this morning and just submitted a review of toothpaste to another to get myself a bit closer to payout there. I intend to make this payout my last one there so I’m sort of in a hurry to get it. 

I’m not doing too badly today seeing as I managed to get the kid on the bus, do some dishes, get the laundry down and lay out dinner for tonight all with an ear ache. I’d really rather be in bed crying right now but there is no rest for the wicked. I’m wishing for a hot water bottle to lay on next time I feel this way.http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=workinga-20&o=1&p=8&l=bpl&asins=B000BHDLQM&fc1=000000&IS2=1&lt1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr

Interesting Figures

OK not so interesting but I’m going to tell you about them anyway. I figured out that so far I have just over $73 in payouts coming for February from writing sites. I have almost $500 going out in February that doesn’t include supplements or gasoline. I put $20 of gasoline in the truck today and got a little over half a tank that brought it up to just over 3/4 of a tank. I was fortunate enough to pay $2.99 a gallon instead of $3.05 a gallon. I’ve got to top that tank off as soon as possible and keep it from getting below 3/4 again. I’ll have $3.59 left after my gas purchase goes through. One of my phone bills was just paid automatically it would seem, that still leaves the $3.59.

I’ll be glad when my 1099 gets here. Then I’ll know what I’m going to have to go through and figure out by hand in order to file my taxes this year. Actually, that seems like something I should be doing right now. I don’t want to have to print out all those reports but it looks like I’m going to have to start or stick to places that send the 1099 so I have it all in one place.

OK I’m going.

Starting the Week Fairly Productively

OK today was a preschool day and it’s been rather productive so far. I’m managed to write five short articles this morning and all but two have already been accepted! That’s a good morning. I’m also working on an article to submit to Associated Content. I just got the 4th accepted, now to wait for the 5th one to either be approved or revisions asked for.

I hope to finish up this article for AC and get another one started today. I think that it’s a good day considering that getting up after 5 in the morning seems to reduce opportunities for quick articles. I have to start going to be earlier and getting up earlier. I would sleep on my regular sleep cycles but therapy doesn’t allow for it. I’m a night person so to stay up during the day I need a little help from caffeine and usually end up drinking a pot to two pots of coffee each morning.

I have to go over the monthly bills today for February to make sure that everything is paid. I have to pay the last bill of the month in the morning, it’s only $21.80. I also have to put gas in my truck. The next payday I have is the last day of the month. I’m up to four now if I can just make them work.