Holiday’s Causing Stress

I would be broke as usual but right now I would be worse off than usual. I am not only broke I am in debt. While typically that would not bother me as I have paid off a great deal in recent years the fact that I am farther in debt with the holidays approaching would make it worse. I would be in the process of writing or rather rewriting past articles just to have something to do during my child’s tantrums since I can not acknowledge them because with Autism that makes them worse.

I am updating my blogs as she has her tantrums because I have to focus to do the timed work. Allowing timed work to time out is not a good time, it means that I wasted my time while I could have been doing something that earns a little income instead of ending up with none. I have four blogs that should be pretty well updated provided the weekend continues on the path that it is taking. I am not very good at keeping up with this one but I intend to get better. My “Odds and Ends” appears to be my favorite since I feel free ramble.

I have a lot of articles to rewrite and originals to write. The holidays are here and those articles appear to earn well close to the season and an earning boost is something I can use right now. Well, I have a few hundred dollars that I need to earn to make it until the end of the month and I need to get a head start on next month so I’m going to be going now. I do so love being in debt around the holidays, just proves I do everything backward. Most people get in debt because of it but not me. I start it in debt with an empty savings account.

Experimenting with Earnings and Bill Payments

Well it’s officially June 25th at Helium and the start of a new upfront payments cycle. It’s once again time to begin earning for the next month while trying not to confuse it with this month. I have just enough to cover expenses. The rest well that’s where my savings account comes into play. It’ll take care of those things that we have to have and can’t do without like Theresa’s supplements that’ll need replacing before the end of the month. Hopefully the money to pay the next round of car insurance and cover the tags will be left in the account. Then there’s Christmas.

Both are still a little ways away so I think I’ll focus on the here and now. I think we can manage with what we have. We have most of what we need for the next month as long as nothing major happens. The air conditioning in my truck isn’t working. It’s in the high nineties so that makes it an issue. Four windows to roll down and a fear of stinging insects flying into them. Of course the windows being down just lets more hot air in, the vent works to let air circulate and it’s a bit cooler than the outside air. Getting it fixed isn’t an option at the moment, it’d be nice though. If it was winter I wouldn’t even think about it the heater works great.

Funny thing is that while Theresa is disabled by SSI’s definition if we actually manage to tuck enough away to take care of an emergency she doesn’t qualify. The really funny thing is that she needs constant care, attention and more therapy than she’s getting but we can’t afford anymore. No one seems to realize that in order to make enough to cover everything there is very little one on one time left; when there is one on one time enough to help her progress there is no time for anything else. Right now she’s in the floor playing with her cards. She likes her cards and she likes quizzing herself on them.

All the stress is where the new experiments with my earnings and the bill payments come in. I seem to have trouble focusing lately so I’m spreading my earnings out a bit more. I don’t have any private clients right now so I’m back to my own material with my own by-line. As difficult as it may seem to believe it’s easier to ghostwrite than to have my name permanently associated with an article. I guess that it’s well actually I have no idea what it is.

I think I’ll see how much I can manage to get done if I stop staying up late at night to work and start getting up at 4 or 5am and going to bed by at least 11pm. I think I can manage to drink a few cups of coffee in the morning, leap and repost some articles then set up some promotions. During the day I go to therapy with Theresa, clean the house (always something to do), cook, get ready for the next day etc. I think I’ll even use my “to do list’ again. My biggest problem is that they are always too detailed when I do them. I have to write down everything that I could possibly have to do during the day and check it off as I go. I think I’m over detailed when it comes to the list. This time I have to have two one for home and one for “work” my productivity is off lately.

Summer speech at the school ended today with no warning. Well, everyone but me had warning the therapist gets to take a vacation. I think that’s a nice thing although I would love to have one. That leaves Thursday morning free to put something else there. She’s always learning in real time but there are still somethings that we have to get for her therapy needs. There are some puzzles that she needs, I think I’ll look on eBay and at the local thrift shops. She needs new books too, I’ve got to go renew my library card so that I can check some out to read with her. I need to read some too. I’ve got dozens of books I haven’t read yet. I think I’ll read them before I get anymore for myself.

I have a feeling the new schedule I’m aiming for isn’t going to work too well but I’m going to try it. I think that I can fit more in if I don’t oversleep or try and stay up late to catch up on what I’m behind on. NO MORE ALL NIGHTERS IS THE GOAL.

Actually the goal is to save enough money to live off of for six months to one year without doing without. I’d love to get the bills down to less than $500 a month but we have a couple years before that happens. That reminds me I have to check and see which bills have been paid and which ones haven’t. I may be transferring the money into my savings account sooner than I think. OK time to go to work and prepare for tomorrow.