Getting Rid of One Area of Earnings

Well, I’ll be getting rid of my Sidetick account as soon as my last payment request is honored. They no longer give you points for navigating around the site and looking at other content. The site was fun while it lasted but $15 a month to open an email and comment on a blog post isn’t enough by itself. Without views of my daily or not so daily blog postings to help with the earnings it’s not worth my time. Oh well, I’ll just have to make it up somewhere else.

I figured out that a small goal of $20 a day gives me $600 for the month. Well, that’s a start but that means that my work efforts have to be stepped up some and I need to spend more time working than in therapy sessions. My solution? Find a battery for this thing so that I can write on the days that she has two hours or more of therapy at a time. This is going to be fun. I also need a back up computer.

I’m saving my Amazon gift cards in hopes of finding a reasonably priced battery until I can figure something else out. I’m also hoping to find a wireless router so that I can move around with my laptop. I can’t stand having to sit in one place or move my entire connection in order to change locations to work. OK that’s about all of my senseless ramblings about money for the day so I’ll be going now.