I just realized this afternoon as I was making peanut butter and raisin cookies on demand for my four year old that I forgot to make her birthday cake this year. I wasn’t happy about that but I’ve decided that I’m going to make it after the first of the year. It’ll be a surprise to her. I just need some cake mix, icing and some decorations along with one candle.

I have gone over the budget, packed up old clothes that are too small for all of us and starting thinking about what I want to accomplish during the New Year. I’m hoping that 2011 will go better than 2010 did. I have four days left of nothing to do but I choose to do. The 3rd of January we start back with our regular therapy and the 10th my youngest goes back to preschool. I found one school holiday in January I just won’t know if it’s a therapy holiday until later in the month.

I have to redo the financial aid papers for ABA therapy soon. At least I think that I do. I’m wondering when I’ll have to start over with the classes to keep the financial aid again. Once a month an extra trip to the clinic. I’m hoping that I can afford to make the four that are required of the six.

I need to make some candles while I’m off from the regular routine. There are some I need to be burning today. The house feels better when they’re burning. I’m going for now but I’ll be back with more mindless ramblings to bore, entertain you with.

Officially No Fair for Theresa

Theresa was talking a bit this morning but the not as much as usual before I got her up. That’s a sign she’s still not 100% even though she’s more active. She didn’t even notice when I didn’t put her uniform on although she enjoyed the cookies that I gave her for breakfast.

I felt bad this morning, it was cold and the forecast calls for rain. It even looks cold outside. I had already cancelled therapy for the afternoon because of the fair so she’s home all day. There isn’t a fever anymore so the doctor isn’t where we’re going today either. I don’t want to make her sicker by taking her out in the cold for them to tell me to give her tylenol and fluids.

Well, that’s about it and my laundry is almost done so I’ll be going back to work for a minute.

Sleepy Tuesday?

It’s Tuesday and it’s been a sleepy day. Theresa is out of school this week so I didn’t have to get up early yesterday and won’t have to in the morning. She doesn’t have therapy until Thursday afternoon. She has occupational therapy at 12:30 that afternoon so we should be home around 2 in the afternoon. Friday we have applied behavioral analysis at 10am. We should be home from that about 12:30, then we have the weekend to rest. I’m really confused as to why there isn’t any school next Wednesday.

Today I haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Theresa began the day informing me that she wasn’t going to eat her grits. She started in with “I want ‘Donalds” as she calls McDonalds because she can’t say it. When I informed her I wasn’t going she put in for “cookies.” Well, I told her we didn’t have any and she started pulling out the stuff to bake them with. So I baked a few dozen peanut butter cookies for her from scratch without real butter, real milk or eggs. I’m proud of me.

We’ve spent most of the day just sitting around. Theresa talked and watched cartoons, hubby did dishes, I did a small load of laundry to hang in the back because I didn’t feel like going outside and wasn’t sure about the weather. Hubby went through a couple of boxes of my oldest daughter’s clothes that she’d outgrown to get out some that fit Theresa now. Most of them still have the tags on them. I’m resisting the urge to make a display out of them for the most annoying person I know that keeps trying to buy the child clothes but doesn’t have any better taste than to wear a moo-moo to renew her vows in.

I just put on some black-eyed peas to go with the leftover chicken, lima beans and green beans that will making up supper tonight. I figured out that Theresa just ran out of about $80 worth of supplements I can’t replace for a few days and missed her shot last night. I don’t feel like going anywhere and I don’t have the strength to argue to get it in her so she’s just going to have to get it later. OK time to go pretend to do some more work later.