Painful Time Off

The time I took off the past couple of days was rather painful. Thursday I poked myself in the eye with the arm of my glasses. The pair I’m supposed to be wearing is broke so I’m wearing an old pair that is actually too old. The arm I poked myself with is just metal now. Rather painful to say the least, more painful was cancelling Friday and this coming Monday’s therapy sessions to go the doctor. I scratched my cornea and added to the list of things I never wanted to know. There are more nerve endings in the cornea than the rest of the body.

I don’t have insurance because it usually costs me more to pay for it than it pays out as little as I go to the doctor. Well, my visit required $50 upfront and then I could pay half of the remainder to set up a payment plan. The remainder was just under $45 and I have to go back again. I decided to go ahead and pay that to make the balance due after the next visit the only portion I have to make payments on. $95 plus that was not planned for.

I estimated and I figure I have about $70 to get everything that we need to get me by until I get paid again on the 10th. Then the last bill for the month will get paid. I have to put gas in the truck to get my kid to therapy out of that $70 too. I have a feeling I’m going to end up rolling my change to get something I forget to put on my shopping list. I may take it and pour it into one of the counting machines that gives gift cards and use that to get what I need.

Well, I’m tired and I have a few things to do. I wrote one article today, it was about Christmas dinner. I still can’t get into my AC account so I can’t submit content there for upfront there. It’d be really nice if I could because they pay faster and I could actually use the money at the moment. Well, back to work.