No therapy today

We didn’t have speech yesterday and we won’t be having it today. The therapist has a family emergency of her own to deal with, she deserves time off but I do wish it was under better circumstances. Theresa is behaving well for her age today.

We’ve only had one accident in the area of potty training so far today. When she did it she came to me screaming “paper towel, paper towel” she wanted to clean up the mess she had just made. That’s a good sign even though she didn’t tell me that she had to use the potty; it’s an acknowledgement that she was wet. That’s an awesome sign.

I spent a few hours picking her toys up last night just to find my living room floor in order to vacuum it. Guess what she’s now in the process of undoing everything that I picked up. I’ll be cleaning the kitchen a bit and baking homemade bread today. I’ll be squeezing in a little more work too because I don’t have a choice.