Figuring It Out

Well, my computer would need a processing fan. The good news is that in the meantime it has not overheated again. I have managed to get some work done in the time that I have had it back. I prefer to work online but I have been working offline for the most part. I think I need a new keyboard, or I just want one since all my keys are sticking.

I think I got my new budget figured out but I’m not completely sure. I still need to buy Theresa’s supplements that are running low. The first of the month I bought the vitamin D drops that were right at $26. I lowered my phone bill and am only paid $10 which of course I hit something that opened a web  browser and cost myself some money. OOPS. That will not happen again. I am merely going to make phone calls from now on.

I got the new light bill budget amount this month.$245 which was a bit of shock but not unexpected. I have to bring that down the next year. I think if I block off part of the house I can manage that fairly easily. There is one room used just for storage and hanging clothes so I’ll start there. I have to come up with the money for my divorce before we end up with a legal issue that would be rather difficult to explain.

Well, I have to go get my laundry out of the machine so I’m going to go now.

Tackling Hyperactivity

We had our finger prick today for the little one. She was rather hyper by the time the doctor got there since we were a fill in appointment. We went over her supplements, he took her off one and cut the dose on one in half. The prescription that she’s on is being changed in another week.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. Tomorrow our appointments have been rearranged so I’ll be confused as can be. My mind has wandered off so I’ll be going now.

An Expense and Work Update

It’s not even 10am and I’m already tired. I just started drinking my second pot of coffee to ensure my daily dose of caffeine is gotten. I managed a load of training pants and put up the whites that I washed yesterday. I also have three article pages open right now to finish up for submission.

I managed one short and sweet news article this morning and didn’t see anything else that I wanted to write. I plan to finish up these three articles today and submit them for consideration to get upfront payments. I’ve gotten some ratings lately that were not what I would like because of careless errors so I’ll be focusing on my own writing to see if I can not correct these problems with punctuation that seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

I’ve got supplements to purchase. The L-Carnosine is $26, Complete Powder $35, Fish oil $62 (online) and I’m not sure what else we’re out of at the moment. I have to check her list. We’ll be needing $6 Magnesium Citrate soon. That comes to $129 plus whatever else we run out of in the next week.  I found the Complete Powder online for $60, I’ll only be buying that one if I run out of money and have that much in gift cards to purchase it with.

Last night I watched a video on making a gallon of homemade dishwashing liquid. I’ll post the link to the video as soon as I figure out how. I currently have four articles waiting to be reviewed that will help a great deal with gathering supplies again. I have two articles to finish up and another one in my head to put on paper. I’m trying to step up my efforts this month and get a decent payday that will keep us from running completely out of money before the end of the month.

OK I’m done rambling for the day and off to work again as soon as I hit publish on this.

Pleasant Surprise!

Well, I paid the cable/Internet this morning. It was $56.93 for both instead of $79.51 because I ended up with a credit when I downgraded my Internet speed. I redid the budget after the adjustment and found that the bills alone are below $400 this month. That doesn’t include supplements and other items but it’s a good start! I can work from that!

I hit the request payment button at $55.85, less than I’d have liked but more than I thought I’d have. I can pay both phone bills with that in the event I can’t hit cash out again before the 15th. I’ve managed to earn $12 toward the next payout so far. That’s not bad for a little bit of work.

I have just over $31 at Sidetick. I’m still holding out to request payment at $200. I may settle for $50 so I can reopen my savings account without causing problems in the budget. I have $10 worth of gift cards to use at I think I’ll go check to see if there is anything we need for under $10. I’ve got books on my Kindle application and a lot of paper backs that I haven’t read yet so I’m going to focus on finishing what I have before I read any more books.

I plan to review each and every one of them in an effort to earn something from the readings. I also bought a new stain remover today that I can review. Well, that’s about it so I’ll be going for now. I’ll update the other two blogs here later.

Money Left??

OK I managed to take a look at the budget today. I figured the bills and only the bills to be $472; I didn’t include hubbies child support because that would be his expense alone. The only one that he actually has since nothing is in his name except the court order that was put into the divorce for child support. That figure was below my reliable monthly income but there is another problem.

The figure I got didn’t include putting gasoline in the car, cutting the grass or buying supplements. It didn’t include household necessities either. That’s not the only problem with the budget but it is a big problem. I’d love to reopen my savings account that was depleted over the summer months.

I wrote out the bills I had in front of me and paid one online. I paid the Internet bill online at no extra charge. I wrote a check for my auto insurance and light bill. My auto insurance was $42.14 this month, last month it was $57.23. If I’d been able to pay it off for the full six months it’d have been at least $100 less than I’ll end up paying by paying it each month but I just couldn’t come up with the full $250 I think it was this time.

OK I’m going back to figure out if I will ever have money left again.

Not as Long of a Day as I thought it would be

Today wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. Originally we were to be gone from noon until about 5:30 today. Occupational Therapy was from 12:30 to 1:14pm as planned, then we had speech from 1:00 to 1:30. While the little one was in speech I ran across to the nearest Winn Dixie to grab her a bag of pretzels and get myself a coke and a couple of candy bars since there was an hour between the speech and final appointment.

This time I even remembered to get cash back so that I could get her complete powder. The bottle will last a month. Theresa had a good speech session and was happy to play for the hour between sessions. Then Sara came out looking not so well and told me she’d hold out as long as she could. Well, she took Theresa to the potty and a few minutes later Theresa and Kara were coming out. Sara got sick and had to go home.

We’ll just have an extra ABA session one week to make up for this one. Theresa’s appointments are rescheduled if the therapist is sick, all but speech because she’s seen five days a week and her insurance only pays for one session a day.

Tomorrow we only have a half hour of speech then we can begin the weekend.

Almost a normal Friday

Today was almost a normal Friday. We had ABA after all. Theresa got her B-12 shot while we were there. Poor thing is too smart. When they went into the office with the couch to give her the shot she started looking around and got rather irritated. Luckily this did not have a negative impact on her session.

Theresa was rather good today, we managed to get all of her supplements in her (once I got all of them). This morning she was without three in the morning she’ll only miss one. Tonight she got all of them. A lack of a nap today made it easier than usual to get them into her.

I’d love to know who the idiot that came up with the sizes for children’s clothing is. I put there pairs of pants on Theresa before I found one that fit. The shirt I put on her was a 5T, it fit perfectly and was so cute with the different colored stripes. I tried to put the matching green pants on her but the 5T was a little too long and way to big in the waste. Next came the 2T pants that were about an inch too short. Last were the 24 month pants that fit just right. Now who’s the donkey that came up with this measuring system?

She’s been rather talkative today and was still trying to force me into singing kids’s songs before she got too tired. Well, today was rather uneventful so I’m going to play a mindless game, do some searches and work on my next article.

One article Day so Far

Well so far today I’ve managed to write and save one article to be edited later. I noticed lately that when I managed to submit an article that was accepted for upfront payment that I had tiny typos that while barely noticeable stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I have an idea for an article related to the one that I wrote which will give me two articles to submit for upfront payments at Associated Content.

I did some math today and figured out that in order to supplement my income enough at the current rates I’m getting I can write 30 articles a week. That is provided that all thirty are accepted for upfront payments; I can also submit at least five a week just for performance payments in areas that don’t usually get upfront payments to help my earnings. The whole point of sitting on the articles I’m managing to write today is to see if I can increase the earnings rate and make sure I haven’t left anything relevant to the article out of it.

I bought a few bottles of Theresa’s supplements today. Finally I had the money to replace three of the four she ran out of. Still need the fish oil, that’s why I’m trying to force myself to write. I’ve got to pay hubby’s phone bill too while still getting us where we need to go.

What did I spend today?
zinc $4 (bottle will last one month; hoping that they get the 30mg capsules in soon)
magnesium citrate $6
acetyl l $15 for a grand total of $25.

What’s left to buy? The pro-omega fish oil for approximately $63 to ensure it last the month. There is also the matter of paying hubby’s phone bill. It’s only $21.80 and he’s about out of time because he  seems to use it more when he has no choice but to conserve it.

I have a better idea now of how much I’m spending on supplements each month. The complete powder ($35), zinc ($4) and pro-omega fish oil ($63) are the only ones that I have to buy each and every month. (I think I could be wrong.) That comes to $102 each and every month. I may come off better when/if they get the 30mg zinc capsules in so she just gets one instead of two. I’m beginning to wonder if they are some supplements that would cover two or more areas that she has issues with. The next time I have to buy supplements I’ll make it a point to figure out the average monthly costs.

It’s time to go update everyone on the family side of the day now.

Can’t budget without all the facts

Well, I keep saying I’m going to redo my budget but I can’t. I don’t have all the facts of my budget at the moment. There are changes to it right now that I can’t get until later in the month and next month. The best that I can do is to estimate them as best I can. I know about how much money I have coming in on a regular basis now I have to figure out how much more I need to come in.

What are the bills that I know each month?

Debt $20.00 (it’s gonna take a while to pay off at that rate but that’s fine to)
My phone $21.80 (can be reduced if I think hard enough)
Hubby’s phone – undecided at the moment it’s gonna be a while before it’s put back in the regular bills
Cook’s pest control – $33.00 (could cancel but then I’d have to deal with wasps and things myself, not sure about that)
that’s $74.80 if I could leave it at that then I’d be doing flips.

The co-pay for ABA therapy is $3 a week, that’s not much only $12 to $15 a month which isn’t bad considering that the full cost of the therapy is $55 an hour. The light bill is being figured again and I should have the new monthly budget amount about the middle of the month so that I can figure that into my budget. Then there are Theresa’s supplements and her diet, the food is a bit expensive but she does great on it.

How much are Theresa’s supplements every month? I have no idea how much they average out to; I just know they help her so I buy them. I think I figure it out though, well when I have all of them and the prices in front of me. Of course I’d also have to have her doses in front of me to figure it out, the best I can do at the  moment since they just increased is to get myself a rough estimate.

She has one vitamin C tablet a day which is $7.50 for 100 tablets or $14.75 for 250 tablets. The larger bottle works out a quarter cheaper than the smaller bottle. Which bottle depends on the budget that particular month since the drive to get it involves going farther than I would on a normal week. One pharmacy carries it or I can order it and pay shipping that’s more than the gas I use to go get it.

A bottle of her multivitamins is $14 for the chew-able and $16 for the capsules that are easier to get in her. They last two months when she takes them like she’s supposed to which makes the average cost $7 to $8 a month which isn’t too bad.

The fish oil is cheaper to order online and have delivered to the house. A 4oz bottle is $35.96 and a 8oz bottle is $62.53. The 8oz actually lasts all month and part of the next month. One 8oz works out cheaper than 2 of the 4oz.

Complete Powder is $35 for a month supply. That’s a big savings over the 4 bottles of HLC at $38 each she was going through because of the dose.

75 days worth of calcium powder is $13.

OK this is getting to be rather confusing. I need to sit down with all the supplements and the costs then average them out by the month to get a true picture of the monthly expenses once again. I know how much money I have for groceries each month now it’s time to make the amount I spend on them match that.

It’s also time to get back to work.

Overall the day was productive

I wrote 12 Christmas articles that didn’t take that long and one article about playing catch up which is what I’ll be doing the rest of the year. All and all it was a rather productive day even if I did end up needing a nap.

My nap was short, the work day was too. I managed to accomplish most of my work by noon which I think was rather good. I also figured out that in the morning I have no choice but to go over my budget again. I think I have to keep up this pace for the rest of the month to be on track for next month.

I have to buy zinc again. I have to call Wednesday and make sure I can switch zinc. The one Theresa has now is $7.50 plus tax, the one I want to put her on is $5. That’s a help to my budget, I can get the vitamin D drops for less than I paid for them the last time when they run out. I still have to order her fish oil. I think the 8oz bottle would work better now that her dose has increased so much. It works out less than two 4oz bottles and would last the entire month, possibly into the next month.

I have to figure the cost of her supplements again and then figure them with a monthly average. Next month I do believe my auto insurance is due. I have the feeling I’ll be paying it by the month since I doubt I can come up with the entire six month premium in one lump sum. I was supposed to get a quote for a different company but I never had time to get all my information together and make the call.

I have got to go grocery shopping but first I have to find a bunch of recipes from people that have actually used them so that Theresa’s food doesn’t take like crap. Noticing serious behavior issues with things that she’s not supposed to have in the house. Well, time to go ramble about the kids day now.