Wow! Where are the flying cars?

OK so it’s 2011 and so far I’ve seen wind and rain. When does the fun start? My brother in law tried to call at 1 am. He’s either not that bright or he wanted to begin the New Year on my bad side. I just love the phone waking me in the middle of the night when there isn’t anything wrong.

I’m wondering where the “Jetsons” and “One Tree Hill” went on my “On Demand” menu. That’s a rather silly thing to wonder but it’s what’s in my head at the moment. I’m watching a “Dallas” marathon, so far the episodes are one I’ve never seen because they came on before I was born and didn’t make it to the regular re-run rotation.

Theresa just drew all over her little stomach with a dry erase marker. She’s four and she’s already figured out how to go turn on my television in my bedroom and put it on whatever channel she feels like watching at the moment. I do wish that she’d listen a bit better but that’s Theresa in her own world trying to do whatever she wants to do.

I work from home and because of it I catch a lot of……..well, to prevent a profane rant I’ll say misunderstandings. I want to move but I don’t know where. I’d like to have a house built the way I want but I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to afford that. I just lost my thought so I’ll being going now.

Interesting and hopefully quiet the rest of the day

OK so I cancelled the pest control service $33 saved. I downgraded my Internet to the economy, it’s a little slower but it’s only $24.95 a month. I left the cable alone at $55.50 a month. They did away with extended basic and the next one down is about $15 a month for channels 2-13 that I could pick up with an antenna. The new bill will be $72.95 before taxes with the $15 discount that runs through July. That’s more than the special that I have now but the end bill will be less than this end bill. The regular bill before taxes on these is $87.95 a month. There went the money saved on pest control. I’m going to check into prepaid Internet and eventually cut the cable off as soon as I find the shows I want to watch online and on DVD.

I’m looking for pre-paid Internet because while I work from home my time online has been reduced as I write more and more offline. I spend a couple hours a day online which isn’t bad. OK I’m going to see what else I can do. I’ll feel the savings from the cable when it’s not $120 before taxes at the end of the special. I’m off to see how to pre-pay my Internet bill without a phone line in the house and look at alternatives to cable television while still watching shows that I love. OK I’m gone.