Back to Work

Life Goes On

I am back to work. I am reading over things that I have written and writing new things. I am also searching for new Autism treatments to write about. I have one in mind for my little one but there are some other issues to deal with first. I have spent every moment I have free working the last few days.

It brings comfort to me. I have written about the reality of death it may make some upset but it is all true as far as I know. I have a lot more to write about but I am pacing myself. I decided that since I enjoy the diary pages so much I’ll attempt to write one each week in 2012 for a total of 52 new.

I also decided to keep up my other four blogs in addition to this one instead of letting them go. This is going to be fun but I need something to do. I just recently realized I need to finish adding the pages to this one. I’ll get to it hopefully today or tomorrow but I don’t know for sure.

Almost Time for Labs

It is almost time for labs to be done again. We only need a finger prick to check the vitamin d levels this time. That is much easier than the blood draws ever were.  We no longer have the prescription instead a safer alternative was found. That bottle is empty at the moment. I will begin the hunt for supplements shortly that are in my price range. I have to go to the local pharmacy to replace a few of them.

Well, I have a lot of work to do and more pictures to take. I woke up to the rain this morning and it is still dark and overcast outside. The rain and the flash on the camera are creating some interesting affects this morning and I want to get more of them before it stops.