Visible Progress

While I have things stacked all over my living room at the moment the absence of an old worn out chair that made it to the side of the road gives me a visible sign of progress to enjoy. I am currently shoving things in a dresser that is used to catch anything and everything to make the living room presentable. Once the large items are out of the house I intend to go through it. It’s time to make a list for my child’s grandparents once again.

Christmas and Birthdays are close for my girls. The youngest is in constant need of therapy supplies so I’m starting with those. She needs new dry erase markers and lined paper for practicing her letters. We need 12 and 24 piece puzzles with and without the picture underneath. Hopefully all big enough not to fall into the vents. Then there are a few pants, some socks and a pair of tennis shoes that she is going to need for school. If I let them buy clothing it has to be for school or else I’ll end up with a million things she outgrows before she ever wears because she does not need day to day clothes. Only specific colors and types of clothing can be worn to school.

Tomorrow Theresa has preschool in the morning followed by speech and occupational therapy in the afternoon. When those two appointments are over we go to the doctor’s office for her Autism consult which means that the doctor has to take blood. I hope that it’s a finger stick and not an actual blood draw. She did good for the last finger prick but the blood draws they may need to hold her down. I want to cry every time she has blood drawn. I will get the list of her supplements and current doses tonight to take with us tomorrow. I will also make a separate list to take to the pharmacy and replace the ones she’s out of with.


I just realized this afternoon as I was making peanut butter and raisin cookies on demand for my four year old that I forgot to make her birthday cake this year. I wasn’t happy about that but I’ve decided that I’m going to make it after the first of the year. It’ll be a surprise to her. I just need some cake mix, icing and some decorations along with one candle.

I have gone over the budget, packed up old clothes that are too small for all of us and starting thinking about what I want to accomplish during the New Year. I’m hoping that 2011 will go better than 2010 did. I have four days left of nothing to do but I choose to do. The 3rd of January we start back with our regular therapy and the 10th my youngest goes back to preschool. I found one school holiday in January I just won’t know if it’s a therapy holiday until later in the month.

I have to redo the financial aid papers for ABA therapy soon. At least I think that I do. I’m wondering when I’ll have to start over with the classes to keep the financial aid again. Once a month an extra trip to the clinic. I’m hoping that I can afford to make the four that are required of the six.

I need to make some candles while I’m off from the regular routine. There are some I need to be burning today. The house feels better when they’re burning. I’m going for now but I’ll be back with more mindless ramblings to bore, entertain you with.