Is It Summer Yet???

I’m freezing, the nights are in the 30’s and the days in the 50’s. I don’t like cold weather, I really don’t. I need to buy more blankets the new drafts make my one to two at most no where near enough. The bulk of the blankets, baby and adult are on the kiddo’s bed to keep her warm.  The fireplace has things stacked in front of it and I’m not sure it’s sound. It would need an inspection and I do not dare risk catching the house on fire to get the chill out of the air.  Although a fire would be inviting right now.

This weekend I plan to buy a ceramic heater to use in the baby’s room to take the chill out at night so it’s not as cold in there while she’s sleeping. I can turn it on when she lays down and turn it off before I go to bed. That way it’s not on all night long. I need some new curtains, at this point I’ll settle for blankets on the windows. I don’t get along well with curtains. They take up too much time to hang, take down, wash and rehang. OK maybe that’s a little lazy but I don’t care. Those things are expensive never to be able to find a set I’m happy with for more than a day.

Besides curtains make people feel welcome and not everyone should. I mean seriously those that come in offering both opinions and advice on everything when no one has asked them? Did I invite you in to intrude? No I did not, take the hint and go away. It’s my fault for remembering my manners and opening the door to let them in instead of slamming it in their face or hiding until they leave.

Christmas is almost here, I have yet to get the first gift. I am broke so I am still figuring that out. I watched “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” Geez, that brought back memories of staying up on a cold night snuggled by the fire trying to get the last bit of warmth before it died out completely. I miss those days but I’m so thankful for central heat (even if it does need fixing) that I could scream with joy.

Well, it’s a long day ahead so I’m going to be getting back to life.

Multitasking means something gets forgotten

Why do we insist on doing a million things at once?

Easy, everyday we are bombarded with images of unrealistic situations where people run around and do everything in an hour. Monday morning I managed get my laundry down to fold before I had to get my child up and send her directly to the bathtub. We managed to make it quick despite the fact she’d live in the tub if she could. Then we managed somehow to get her dressed and she even ate despite being programmed to walk out the door the minute her shoes were on. Of course she picked out her brown coat with the leopard print on the cuffs, pockets and in the hood. Then true to form I have to brush her hair standing beside the road, never mind the fact that it’s freezing cold and sprinkling rain. The first thing she did was step deliberately into the water puddle I had just carried her over and went to school with a wet shoe. By the time the bus got to us I was holding her in my coat because the wind was cutting through me.

Nothing was accomplished while she was at school. 

I did a load of laundry consisting of random clothes,  another load with her comforter and yet another with her blanket and pillows. I managed to do the dishes and drink two pots of coffee. Then I spent the day starting a hub I have yet to finish and attempting to find the number for the clerks office to verify my filing fees. Whether or not testimony can be written or has to be given before the judge is something else I need to know.  There is no one competent enough to watch my child. This could be an issue.

I still need to verify my filing fees and it’s like the clerks office number is hiding from me.

It’ll be all right.

I know it’ll work out. I’ll get it filed and get my Rodeo replaced without something smaller that my nerves aren’t too shot to drive. I also forgot to call someone to come out and see if they could fix my well. I needed to price having a manual pump put in too, just in case….OK I need to work now, but I will be back later to ramble on some more.


Back to Reality We Go

All right the holiday that brought the five day weekend for me is now over. I am returning to “reality” as I know it. Preschool and therapy are now back in session. The four days of preschool and the five days of therapy are getting to be rather exhausting lately. I decided that I had enough to do without attempting to build a new website right now.

Instead I am going to focus on blogging, with everything in one place. That is as soon as I get the rest of my posts moved. I’ll work on my book a little each day, start another one before the idea runs out of my head and leaves my mind completely blank. I have ideas in my head that I need to get out. At the rate I’m going I need them to come out before I tear up my keyboard. I went to get something out from between the keys and nearly popped the f key completely off. It’s sort of back on but now it’s rather difficult to use. I guess I’ll be looking into replacement keys, or a replacement keyboard rather. I guess I really should have picked up that can of repressed air last time I was at the store.

This is going to make life interesting, I can’t avoid that key all together but I can reduce it’s usage for a while. I am not fond of my alarm clock at all but I have no choice to slowly but surely get back to using it each morning. In a few days I’ll be paying the bills or December. Then I’ll see what’s left to get the girls their gifts. My keyboard will wait, but the holiday that falls between their birthdays will not. That can of air is one of the first things that I will be purchasing when it comes time to go back to the store.

Given that this household is down to one mode of transportation that I can not drive at the moment that trip will be on a weekend. Now I’m going to get back to life as I know it.

Sunday Means the Vacation is Over

This is the last day of my five day working vacation. The last day that I know for a fact that I do not have to leave the house unless I want to. OK so my vacation wasn’t as peaceful as I would have liked but it was a bit productive. I mean I did manage to restart the book that my word processor ate without pulling my hair. It’s bad enough I have gray highlights but a bald spot would be a bit more than I could bear, especially when I’m the one that would have to clean the drain.

On top of everything else I decided to start building a website this morning. I’m begging for punishment, I already need more hours in the day. Tomorrow preschool is back in session. This is the last year that I can be sure my child’s teachers have sense. The start of kindergarten I will begin to worry. It is nice now to see things sent home with notes that say “I know Theresa already knows how to do this but she saw another child doing it and wanted to do the same thing.”

Yesterday I was typing away at my keyboard letting her be a kid since her vacation was almost over. Well, she chose to give herself therapy by reading flash cards and asking herself what was different about each one. Then the little stinker decided to come read over my shoulder……out loud. Little show off will turn five on the 27th of December and is reading at approximately a second grade level. Now if she’ll just learn the meaning of the word “no,” it’s like a cheer to her.

I need to write some more actual articles in the meantime. I’ve been writing hubs lately. They’re fun and relaxing. I need to take some pictures anyway. I mean what good does it do to let my camera sit home all the time. In the meantime I need to learn to work my video camera and transfer the videos to disks so I can actually watch them at some point. So far I’ve managed to have to delete every video attempt. I need to learn to work it properly before the end of the year program. I want it on video this year. The first year I forgot the camera and last year I got blurs.

I haven’t done much of anything today. That is if you don’t count laundry, dishes, giving the kid a bath and myself a headache. I found that fill in the blank forms give me a headache, especially when I can’t remember the information that goes in the blanks. You’d think that since I have two identical forms around here somewhere already it would be simple to take care of. Not for me, nothing is ever simple. I have got to throw through this stuff, but I really don’t want to. I want the forms to magically fill themselves out and walk down to the clerks office to file themselves too.

I was supposed to pack up baby clothes for a friend that is having a little girl but I can’t find the clothes that I know I have for her. It’s a wonder I can find my head in the mornings. Oh, well. I have to get back to work and back to searching for the things that I know good and well are in this house somewhere.  Tomorrow I call someone to come look at my pump and cringe when they quote the price to pull in the driveway. Tonight I look into hand pumps to see if they might be a helpful solution. Do they make them anymore? I’ll find out soon enough.

Strange Move

OK I decided that since everyone else was at WordPress and I had was having trouble remembering to go to blogger each day I’d move too. Now if I can just figure out how to move Weebly over here. I have spent time transitioning this year so one more won’t make much of a difference to me. I can bounce around and land on my feet.

Once I get everything moved over here I’ll be in one spot for once. I think I can focus on one blog, my book and my articles without losing my mind. OK I’m off to check on the import status of my three blogger blogs and rearrange things a bit. I also need to make sure I can get to the blogs I follow easily from here.

Progress Against All Odds

I finished my copy of “How to Write Ebooks for a Living” and began my book. The first attempt vanished into thin air but the second attempt is going nicely and using the online word processor I email myself portions all along. The Table of Contents can be automatically put in when I finish it by simply marking my headings for it!!! I love that feature since my writing is free flowing. There is also a feature that will allow me to do my title page, I’m hoping the title comes to me by the end of the book.

And my kid is adding material for the next one as I type this. First things first, one book at a time. This is working out nicely. My phone is not getting answered to prevent having to put money on it until I am ready. There is enough time on it for an emergency. I can access my book from anywhere since it is online!! I like that, in the meantime I am writing articles to get a payday until it is done. I am going to have to market it myself but that’s fine. I plan to write this one and have it published I hope by the end of the year but the end of January definitely. I plan to write at least six in 2011. I have ideas in my head so they will be put on paper. I think a couple children’s books will fit too.

Well, I have to get back to work. I’m checking the local sales papers online. I figured out that I do better at the store alone with the kid than with anyone else. I tried taking a friend to the store but it was like she was purposely attempting to blow my budget for the month. She was hyper and wouldn’t shut up.

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is getting closer. I put the tree up with the kid this morning, she even put some of the limbs on and a couple of the decorations. There still aren’t that many, all of them she made in school or therapy. She likes to see things that she made on the tree, so they are all her creations and will continue to be until she wishes otherwise. There are no gifts under the tree yet, Theresa’s are the only ones that will go under it. My oldest daughter’s will be taken elsewhere. The oldest has her birthday first and this year it appears that all she gets is a card in the mail. I have yet to buy anything for the holiday or the kid’s birthday because I have not had the money. Everything is tearing up and being used up. This is a rather bad time to be out of everything. I will figure out the girl’s gifts. I would make them something for their birthdays but the last time I tried that the youngest father used the gift. The fact no one gave it to him and the fact that it was put up out of sight were not clues that he might want to ask before he did. The fact he was told that it was for someone did not give him a clue either.

I would be hoping to get my divorce papers signed in time for Christmas. Then this blood sucking idiot that is draining the very life from me will have no choice but to get out. He refuses to leave my home no matter how many times he is told to leave. I am working on finding both the papers so that the important parts can simply be filled in and filed. The filing fees are a different story but I’m working on a way to cover them.


That’s what it is all right. There will not be a holiday dinner in this house, instead it is just a day like any other with laundry and dishes to be done. Once that is done there are still baby clothes to box up for a friend that is about to have a little girl. I have tons of small baby blankets that are simply taking up room in her dressers but are no longer used. I still have to print proofs out for the recent applications that are to be filled out.

I am updating Dazed and Confused on a regular basis, I like it’s layout. Eventually I want to move these other three over there as archives to have it all in one place and simply redirect everything over there. That is going to be a long time consuming process so I think one post at a time, or a couple a day will get it all done eventually. I am tired but that’s besides the point.
My vacation is truly a working vacation. So I best get back to it. 

Lots of Reading but Not Much Writing

Well, today I finished reading my copy of “Look Me In The Eye” and bought ‘How to Write Ebooks for a Living. I even began to read the last one, and noticed that beside it in my Kindle for PC app was “Wife No. 19 that I started months ago and never finished reading. So I am going to alternate the two until I get both of them read. I am a long way into Wife No. 19 so I should set aside some time to finish it. I have other books to read some in ebook and others in traditional form. I had a reason for having all of them and I will finish them.

The books I was reading were for article ideas and my own information but those articles take longer to write since the only time I have to read is in therapy. At least for traditional books, other than that I’ll be attempting to write other articles to earn my living. I seem to have a break although unplanned from private clients at the moment so I am taking advantage of it to write things that I want to write. I am not in a hurry this week. I am simply gathering strength to get through the holidays.

This week will be a short one as far as school and appointments go so I am going to be reading and working as much as I can in order to do what I planned to do this year next year. Oh well, it’s time to get back to work. I’ll be back later to tell you how well my plans for the new year are going. Hopefully they’ll go better than this last year did.

Anyway, I’ll be back later.

Definitely a Monday

It is Monday and I can certainly tell. At 4:30 this morning I was woken up by a four legged, meowing alarm clock that had let himself in for what appeared to be no other reason than to tell me he was hungry. It was not long after I took care of his food wishes and put him back outside that I realized I have a nice painful toothache. I also don’t know why I have a toothache but my lower jaw would feel slightly swollen. I get to put the kid on the bus then see if I can find a dentist that will work with me to go see later in the week. I would also want to make sure that they will not pull it if it is infected but treat the infection first. Pulling a tooth that is infected hurts, I know I’ve had it done and I never want to feel that amount of pain in my mouth again.

I managed to get some work done this weekend and am hoping that the rest of this week goes as well as planned. I hope to make sure that all four of my blogs are as current as possible, finish the two new hubs I began and then write a few diary pages with links to older articles in them. This is going to be an interesting week. I plan to focus on working enough to fit in those end of year gifts for my girls and not be in debt after the holiday. At least not from gift buying anyway!

It is only a two day school week so I am hoping that I will manage to get a great deal of work done. My most productive times used to be very late at night but that left me tired all day. It was like magic however when it got too late for me to function I would wake up and get more done in those wee morning hours than I had all day long.

Well, it’s almost time to get the kid dressed and out the door so I’m going to be going. I still haven’t put my shoes on and if I try to do it after she is dressed there is a good chance I’ll be standing at the end of the driveway bare footed.