Holiday’s Causing Stress

I would be broke as usual but right now I would be worse off than usual. I am not only broke I am in debt. While typically that would not bother me as I have paid off a great deal in recent years the fact that I am farther in debt with the holidays approaching would make it worse. I would be in the process of writing or rather rewriting past articles just to have something to do during my child’s tantrums since I can not acknowledge them because with Autism that makes them worse.

I am updating my blogs as she has her tantrums because I have to focus to do the timed work. Allowing timed work to time out is not a good time, it means that I wasted my time while I could have been doing something that earns a little income instead of ending up with none. I have four blogs that should be pretty well updated provided the weekend continues on the path that it is taking. I am not very good at keeping up with this one but I intend to get better. My “Odds and Ends” appears to be my favorite since I feel free ramble.

I have a lot of articles to rewrite and originals to write. The holidays are here and those articles appear to earn well close to the season and an earning boost is something I can use right now. Well, I have a few hundred dollars that I need to earn to make it until the end of the month and I need to get a head start on next month so I’m going to be going now. I do so love being in debt around the holidays, just proves I do everything backward. Most people get in debt because of it but not me. I start it in debt with an empty savings account.