Progress Against All Odds

I finished my copy of “How to Write Ebooks for a Living” and began my book. The first attempt vanished into thin air but the second attempt is going nicely and using the online word processor I email myself portions all along. The Table of Contents can be automatically put in when I finish it by simply marking my headings for it!!! I love that feature since my writing is free flowing. There is also a feature that will allow me to do my title page, I’m hoping the title comes to me by the end of the book.

And my kid is adding material for the next one as I type this. First things first, one book at a time. This is working out nicely. My phone is not getting answered to prevent having to put money on it until I am ready. There is enough time on it for an emergency. I can access my book from anywhere since it is online!! I like that, in the meantime I am writing articles to get a payday until it is done. I am going to have to market it myself but that’s fine. I plan to write this one and have it published I hope by the end of the year but the end of January definitely. I plan to write at least six in 2011. I have ideas in my head so they will be put on paper. I think a couple children’s books will fit too.

Well, I have to get back to work. I’m checking the local sales papers online. I figured out that I do better at the store alone with the kid than with anyone else. I tried taking a friend to the store but it was like she was purposely attempting to blow my budget for the month. She was hyper and wouldn’t shut up.