Summer Vacation and High Temperatures

OK so we were at 99 today and I think they said we’d be at 100 tomorrow. We’re in an extreme drought which means that my grass is drying, crops are not producing as much and cattle are aren’t eating. The last day of preschool for the little one was yesterday, we still haven’t made lemonade together and it’s too hot to lay in the grass and look for bugs. Besides that I have fire ants so we’re going to see just how much we can do inside and on the sidewalk at therapy between appointments since it is shaded. There are cooling shelters open this summer for those without air conditioning.

I may be among those taking advantage of them since my air conditioning is not working correctly. I have been searching for window units that are big enough to cool my living room and a couple small ones for the bedrooms. I would love portable units but I can not afford them. I still have to find income proofs and get them in by the 10th. I also have to fix the budget so that I can fit in additional therapy supplies and take Theresa places this summer so she’s not always at home.

I decided to give hubpages a shot, I’m not sure about earning potential but they’re easy to make and they look better than a lot of things that I’ve done recently. OK time to get a little work lined up and put the little one in the tub to cool off before bed. Then I plan on soaking a while myself to cool down some.

80 degrees in the house

Seriously it’s almost 4:30 in the afternoon and it’s right at 80 degrees inside. It’s not even the first of March which means this summer is going to be rather unpleasant for us unless I find an air conditioning solution quickly. Another $400 light bill is one more than I can pay. We’re $341 over budget which will get added to the actual bill that we have to pay during the month of October. At the rate we’re going that’ll be $1,000 easy.

I was reading Annie’s post for the day and the dream home she mentioned looks nice. It’s rather easy to maintain as well. I wouldn’t be experiencing these air conditioning problems if I lived in it; a little time on a rack and a lot less money and it’d be taken care of. It finally got too hot in here for me so I turned the fan on for the central unit in addition to the fans that I have on in the windows and on the floor. The problem? I wouldn’t be able to drive my own home.

In the meantime my tax refund (my portion of the refund) should be here by the end of March. By that time it’ll be time to pay six months of auto insurance to make paying the monthly bills easier. There are two oil changes and tune ups. I need to put some money up for new tires on both vehicles. Hopefully that’ll leave a little money to save for emergencies. Well, after I find a suitable air conditioning solution such as portable AC that can be moved if I ever manage to move and costs less to replace than the current unit costs to fix.

Well, I’m done complaining for the day so I’ll be going.