Managed not to leave the house for once

It’s Saturday which for most people means resting but for me it usually means catching up with errands and housekeeping. Today I managed not to leave the house at all! That’s a step up, the only thing that I did today was take the tiny load of laundry drying in the spare bedroom down and finish an article I started yesterday.

I watched some old videos online and played mindless games such as Mafia Wars. I even took a nap today. I’m beginning to wonder why I have a t.v. It takes forever to find something I actually want to watch and when I do it’s a rerun of something I’ve seen a thousand times. I can go online and find a specific episode of whatever I want to watch. I wouldn’t mind having a few of the shows on DVD or whatever is replacing them or will replace that in about two years.

Theresa was fairly good today, she even waited until I left the room to take the bread from her daddy. They both know she’s not supposed to have it but it’s their little secret, or so they think. Well, I’m still tired the nap I took didn’t last nearly long enough so now I’m calling it a night. Well, after I play a little Mafia Wars.