friday…………………and not much to say

Thursday we didn’t have therapy because our speech therapist was out of the office today. Theresa didn’t noticed yet since she’s caught up in her V-Reader at the moment. She’s took the time to enjoy her day off.
Lately Theresa has taken to hitting people in the face. I’m not sure why she’s doing it all the time but at times the reason is clear. She does not like people touching her things. I can’t say much about that because I don’t particularly care for it either. I’m not sure why but I’ve always found it rude when people look through people’s things without asking them first.
I was exhausted and would have loved to lie down to take a nap but I couldn’t. I managed to finish two articles yesterday morning and that was it. I managed to get my hub in the newsletter for hubpages and that’s a good thing. The traffic to that particular hub is rising and now I just have to figure out how to finish the hub that I am currently working on and find a subject for the next one.
We have speech this morning at 11:30 which is good for Theresa and good for me too. I have to stop and get laundry detergent and creamer for my coffee. I have another payout to request but I want to wait until it’s a bit higher before I do.
Oh well something tells me it’s going to be a long weekend since I cut the cable off and I have to work. There is going to be a bored child. I’ve got a big yard that unless I go cut the grass doesn’t do her any good. I’ve got my Internet that I have to use to make a living and some books that she doesn’t like to read. Wonder if I should have waited to turn off the cable especially since the channels are out in the living room at the moment. I’d love to have the antenna put back up since I’m missing channel twelve at the moment with the indoor not being strong enough.
Really need to move so I’m saving every bit of change for emergencies and attempting to get by until I can find something I like within my budget. It has to take pets because I can not get rid of my two cats. I also need to make sure I have boxed up and donated everything here that I do not need, use or want anymore so that someone that will appreciate it has it. 

Is it Friday Yet?

Unfortunately it’s not and I’m already exhausted. Today was a preschool day which meant that I was up early. By some small stroke of luck this morning the short and sweet news articles that I like posted at 6a.m. I managed a total of six short and sweet articles all day. They go very quickly, the time it takes to write one which is all of five minutes can mean that you go back and over half of them are gone. $9 today but that’s fine only $11 less than my daily goal and I took the afternoon off at noon.

We didn’t have private speech today because the therapist was sick but we did have ABA. Today was one of those days that I got the feeling the therapist was distracted a little bit. I think trying to probe new skills and make a therapy plan when a child is trying to act as if you’re not there is a bit difficult and cause you to feel a little confused. At least I know that it is for me.

Now how do you politely tell someone that wants to focus on something else that potty training your child is top priority and you could care less about “touch” until it’s done? Although Theresa got that concept. The camera is at a bad angle to see if there are bathroom hints that are going unnoticed during the session. I thought that I had covered them all but Theresa is not being as open with the signs during ABA. I thought there were a couple times that she was trying to show the therapist that she needed to go but it was hard to tell since she was below me b/c of the camera angle.

Oh well, a short and sweet news article just popped up so I’ll be going for now.