Week in Review

Whenever I look back on my week the first thing that I see is a dozen appointments. Then I see accomplishments. This week we missed two therapy sessions, the first my driver was sick. The second one we missed was out Thursday afternoon appointment. The therapist is rather considerate of other people’s safety and called to tell us she would see us on Friday because the weather was supposed to be bad. (When I got the message I was debating on whether or not to go pick my child up from school. I also wondering if our therapist would have to leave to get her child before the storms hit because she lives in Florida)

When I woke up Thursday morning, the prediction was still for evening storms, after 7 p.m. A short time later they changed it to 4 p.m. I put the little one on the bus to clear blue skies and friendly white fluffy clouds. A short time later dark clouds rolled in to mix with them leaving a few blue streaks of sky peeking out of them. Then the sky went completely dark, when I turned the t.v. on the bottom half of my screen showed eight Alabama and nine Florida counties under a tornado watch. The storms moved faster than they thought and the announcements of school closings began.

This caused me to have a bus driver laying on the horn so I could go get my child off the bus because I miscalculated and forgot that the preschool bus gets the regular school system children as well. My child was home before 11 a.m. so they could go get the older children at 11:30 from the city and county schools.

I am happy to say that the storms weakened and I only got rain at my house. (Made me wish I had those outdoor rain barrels with screens and hoses that I’ve wanted for so long.) There was none of the cloud to ground lightening and that is what I’m most thankful for. We did get some winds but as long as the wind isn’t rotating and lifting me off the ground I’m happy.

My light bill was a pleasant surprise even though I still have to pay $245 for it due the middle of February. I discovered that I was $108 under the budget amount for the light bill this month alone. That brought my total to over $250 toward the month the settle up is due, at this rate I’ll have at least one month without a light bill which is always a good thing. I can use that money to make sure little bit has what she needs and tuck a little bit of it away. I can also fill the gas tank and keep some money to stop allowing it to drop below a quarter of a tank, my gas mileage is horrible after that point.

The duct work will be fixed by the end of next week. I hope. It requires crawling under the house and a few measurements being taken. I plan to search online for the piece then drive to the store to pick it up. It’s quicker than searching aisles with little bit, she gets upset easily in some stores. (Yes, I know children do that but it causes her a lot of distress and she has years to be forced into things she doesn’t want to do.)

There is a piece that needs capping off and that should be done next weekend so the central unit can be turned back on. The fact that I would need emergency heat and cooling back up plans on hand is clearer than ever. Last time I had trouble with the unit the entire thing had to be replaced, it was leaking coolant. That’s a very bad thing. Then it was just after the cold snaps and right before the extreme heat of summer.

That is one more thing to add to the long list. I have to get my eye exam and new glasses this year, never mind how over do that is but I can’t put it off any longer. I have no choice but to make time and come up with the money for it. Then there is the well tank that takes top priority.

Well, I’m off to work because if I don’t then none of it will get done until tax returns come back and I have other plans for that. I’d like to put some of it up for a rainy day.

Car or Truck??

OK I need to replace my Rodeo. The fuel costs have gotten to be too much and it has a great deal of miles on it. I don’t want a car payment and I’m wondering if a small car is a good idea. A small truck would allow me to run errands and have a bed to place my recycling in so that it can be hauled off while the little one is at school without bothering anyone to haul it for me. Of course a small trailer would be useful. I want a car, small and cozy though.

I could always plan to buy a small truck and trailer to haul with later. That would give me time to find a place to put my recycling and have it all sorted out. The longer you keep it the more you have and the more you make in one trip. I only live five minutes from the recycling center so that’s easy to do. If I crush it and stack it just right I can limit the trips to one per year. OK so maybe that’s not realistic but it would be nice to achieve.

The color isn’t a factor, although since I can’t afford to get it painted it should be. A small truck would make it easier to get the well tank here when I come up with the $250 for it. This is going to be fun. I think I’ll gather up the rest of the junk in the yard and once the shed is clean I’ll give it a small corner in it to keep it out of the rain. I have two garbage cans without lids that need to go in there to hold recycling.

I plan to purchase a couple with lids to sit beside the front porch so aluminum and food cans are put in them. Once I get the back porch safe enough to walk on I’ll move them since the kitchen is right at the back door it’ll be more convenient. I will see what I can get out from under this place before the under portion is sealed off to keep animals out so the duct isn’t pulled down by them.

Well, this isn’t helping me to decide what I want. Oh well, I’ll just work on finding something in my price range. Tank for well, replace Rodeo in that order. Then get divorced.

Back Burner

I put the book I’m writing on the back burner to think it over. I have some things to look through and sort out that might lead to a few edits. I’m thinking of just starting over with a fictional book before I write or rather finish writing the first one. It’s not half done but I think I left something out and that’s bothering me.

I’m wondering what to write about other than rambling around. I think that I’ll just open my word processor and start writing about whatever comes to mind. I don’t feel like forcing it right now. My Internet is acting up, trouble connecting so that answers the question of which package to purchase when this one runs out of time. It’s most likely the two $20 ones so I still have access to work but have to limit the social activity so that I’m not getting lost at the screen for hours at a time.

There are a number of things that have to be taken care of which have been on the back burner way too long. I think that some of it I can do myself, by myself. The things I can’t I’ll be recruiting help for the rest of it. Those recruits will consists of those that come over uninvited offering advice and opinions no one asked for without a clue what goes on. I think manual labor in exchange for not smacking them is a fair trade.

Reopening my savings account has been on the back burner too. I think the next load of junk I get out of my yard will aid in the reopening. I do not look forward to walking the full length of this place to inspect for stray items that got tossed aside carelessly by those that never realized it’s not polite to throw your trash in someone’s yard.

There is yet another water leak, under the house. I heard it flowing like a river on one of several trips out to flip the well pump back on so I could finish washing a comforter and the dishes. Now finding out what it takes to fix it requires crawling under the house. That is not going to be pleasant. The good news is that the junk under there can be thrown out while the leak is being located and simply picked up from the yard and thrown into a can to be hauled away.

No ABA Today!

There is no ABA today! We get to go to therapy approximately two hours later when you include the fact that lunch was typically eaten at the clinic to give little bit time to eat. This means that the morning will be spent at home writing and cleaning. The baby will have time to eat before we leave for her appointment and I can read more on my Kindle App before we leave. The other book I will take with me to read during therapy and the time after that I spend waiting for our ride to get there.

I am watching the mail in hopes of a 1099 so I can file my taxes and be done with them. The filing of the taxes is only the first step; once the return comes back I’ll know how much money I have to work with. This is has been a regular occurrence when child support falls behind. My problem right now I need to replace my Rodeo so that my child’s father can stop driving us around and go find full time employment.

Then we can situate and file the divorce proceedings. I’m tired of this dance but I will do it a little bit longer to make sure everything is in order when we file. Now to find out how to manage the expenses until then; this is getting trickier and trickier.

OK I’m off to do my budget for the hundredth time. I need to check and make sure my light bill is ready to view before I do, I can get an idea of how far under budget I am at this point. (Hope it’s a lot.)


Tuesday means that we only have one appointment. I’m looking forward to it. I plan to read “Double Tap” while little bit does her thirty minute session. Tonight I’ll open my Kindle App and read a few pages of “Wife No. 19” it’s taking forever to read because it’s so long and I get distracted easily but that’s ok too. I hope to finish “Wife No. 19” by the end of February, maybe March. “Double Tap” I hope to finish up during therapy sessions by the middle of March. What? I only have a few minutes a day at home to read and thirty minutes to two hours at therapy while little children play and be typical kids while waiting in a tiny space with a few chairs and toys that lend to the imagination.

I have done well with the limited Internet access this past week. It has encouraged me to work offline and do some much needed things around the house without running back and forth to check emails. I now wait and check them at more specific times of day, typically first thing in the morning, once at mid-day and then before bed. That is a rather big improvement for me. I think I’ll try purchasing two limited packages at $20 each next month instead of one $50 unlimited package. Maybe, that’d give me $10 in my pocket but would limit the amount of PBS kids that the kid can have so I’m on the fence about it.

The tag for the car is due next month and the kid has a Valentine’s party at school. Now to remember to get the Valentine’s while we’re out doing the now monthly shopping so there is no need to return to the store at a later date. I have to make sure to actually buy a month’s worth of things this time instead of thinking that I can go back later.

I haven’t had coffee in a few weeks now and I’m debating on whether or not to get anymore. For years I didn’t even drink coffee, drinking pots at a time was a habit that I picked up working the night shift so I could stay awake through it.

Well, I’m off to see if there is any work this morning or if I’m just going to clean house and read some. I don’t really feel like work this morning, maybe I’ll wait a little while.


Yuck. Yes it’s Monday. I spent this morning cleaning my yard. Lovely. I have $50 worth of metals to haul. A lot of it was supposed to be done away with years ago and there is more to go. It can wait I am tired and my back hurts. I’ll get to it when I get to it. I did notice I need organizing bins for it all.

Yes, bins to organize my recycling so the rain doesn’t get into it. I also need some rain barrel things with the hoses attached to them. OK I’m tired so this is short and sweet.

I noticed that the posts I attempted to schedule in advance were all delivered on the days that I wrote them. So I”m going to try this one more time. This should post now and hopefully I can schedule some later. I’m exhausted and I have a lot in my head I just want it’s posting to spread out.

How the hell would you know?

How the hell would you know?.

How the hell would you know?

AUTISM. See it, say it, LIVE with it. Now who are you? Just what gives you the right to determine that the “epidemic” that Autism has become is a problem for you? Do you have an Autistic child? Do you live with it everyday? Do you even have a clue what it is? Do you know what it means to take care of one of these babies? For that matter who the hell decided what “normal” is?

‘Experts” and I do use the term loosely would be re-evaluating and narrowing the criteria for Autism. I’m betting they don’t live with it; if they did they would not be so quick to eliminate criteria for children in desperate need of help.

Have you ever felt the fear that comes with hearing a diagnosis for your child that not so long ago would have been followed by a recommendation to put them in an institution and forget about them? There was a time not that long ago when there were no therapy recommendations or research to see if supplements, diets or various drugs being used alternatively to what they were intended would help these children lead somewhat independent lives.

Research is under funded. Could that be because there are those that would tell us a parents that we imagine are children’s need for help? Really, if you don’t live it stay the hell out of it.

I’ll be going before this turns into a rant but I am far from done.


It is Sunday and after getting a bit frustrated this week with all that I have to do I decided that today would be peaceful. Tonight is reserved for “Once Upon A Time” and I plan to knock off from everything when it comes on. There is always something to do but I do deserve time to rest.

It’s strange I don’t watch television that much; it’s usually on for the noise of it. There are three maybe four shows that I watch regularly at night now. “NCIS,” “One Tree Hill,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice,” and “Once Upon A Time.” OK that’s five shows at night that I take time to stop what I’m doing and pay attention to. Funny when “OUAT” first came on I wasn’t interested then I sat down to watch it. I found myself enjoying it.

I have to find more time to read, I have finished reading two books since last summer. I still have to go back and read them again. I enjoyed them but I have the feeling that I missed something in them. I also started reading a book about polygamy about a year ago and still need to finish reading it so I decided to dedicate Sunday mainly to resting.

I figure I owe myself the luxury of at least being able to read a few minutes at night before bed. Since the Kindle app is on my computer that means stopping what I’m doing a few minutes early to read a page or two until I finish the books I have on it. It appears to be a while before I can get a kindle so it’ll do.

Have a nice day!


Therapy is how I tell which day of the week it is. We just got a pleasant change when private OT went to every other week instead of every week. This week was the first one and little bit did not have a behavioral issue when the therapist did not take her back even though we were there waiting for her father to get back to pick us up. That is a big improvement over past behaviors in recent years.

We will not haveABAnext week (makes yet another note to have the bus bring the little one home) so that the therapist can update the book to see where she is as far as the programs forABAis concerned. They teach various skills and hope they translate to other non-structured environments.

The speech is still five days a week. I’m hoping that when we start Kindergarten that’ll be reduced some so she’s not so tired. I don’t want to pull her out of school to take her since the public schools do provide the therapy that’ll be hard to pull off. Gas prices are outrageous and I can’t keep up.

I have all kinds of therapy supplies here that the kid gets bored very quickly with. It’s time to hunt down some more. Actually it’s past time to find a more efficient way to organize them so they are easy to find when it comes time to sit down and go over them. A different thing each day is what we have to do to keep her from getting bored or hyper while she’s waiting on us to finish what we have to do. The attention span of a five year old is short to say the least and that is something we work around especially with the hyper activity that she displays. We tend to avoid certain foods at all costs when we really need to focus.

The next step is hoping that we check to make sure she generalizes. That is a big challenge for this child since what she can do in one setting she often has trouble doing in a different setting with strange people. Well, we have a lot of work to do around here so I’ll be going for now.