Weekend Gone All Ready??

It’s Sunday night, hard to believe that the weekend is over all ready. I managed to get a few articles written. Figure out that my computer has started over heating. That could be a good bit of the problem right there. At the moment there is a large fan on me and it, so far it’s still cool. I also wrote a few articles and got them submitted this weekend. I updated a couple other blogs and figured out that I won’t be online much during the week expect to check for work and talk to a friend or two. I’m limiting myself the rest of the week to take care of some house work and run scans on my computer.

I opened something and replied to it instead of using another method to find out if it came from the person that it said sent it. UGGH! My computer popped up a warning something was wrong, shut down and came back up running scans on itself. Tonight it will run scans on it until morning. First thing in the morning I will check for work. I have limited access and I spent a lot of time online today which means that I have to be careful the rest of the month but after just over two weeks without Internet it was a relief to have it back.

I will be spending a lot of time working in order to catch up so limiting my time online shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be cleaning house so I won’t be paying attention to the Internet anyway so there is really no need to do anything but spend some time in my word processor. Now if I can figure out how to make it through the holidays and pay for my divorce I’ll be so happy I could scream. Well, back to work for me.

I Got More Done Alone

OK so far the whole concept of getting done with this project early in order to get paid is not going well at all. I find myself being constantly interrupted by people that only want to chit chat or have me help them…..The concept of busy is obviously one they do not get and my stress level, along with my temper are close to going over the boiling point.

I am behind in every aspect. While my current deadline is still five days away I actually needed to finish this project about five days ago in order to be paid in time to take care of what I needed it to. Oh well, I’ll learn to turn everything off and block the driveway one day. At the moment I would be running back and forth from taking care of the house to my computer to ensure that I get everything done properly.

I have a ton of laundry to do, floors to clean, bills to pay and well you know the list is never ending but I still try to narrow it down to a list. I have done a million things today and only one of them so far has been work related. I got the dishes done, a load of laundry and even put most of what had already been washed away. I’m in the middle of cleaning the coffee pot but my biggest accomplishment had to be getting the stains out of the tea pitcher. I have finally gotten to the last of three articles that I have to write today in order to finish this project up and get paid.

It is mid September and I just read where someone was asking if they were the only ones working on Christmas articles. I hadn’t even begun to think about Christmas but it is a good idea. I have to write some of them now so my income goes up when the season gets here to recover from it more easily. I have two daughters with birthdays in December. I think I will begin working on those as soon as I finish this last article for my project.

I still more cleaning to do but it’s best done after everyone else is in bed. One more article, a little one on one therapy time with the kiddo, feed her and put her to bed. Then I get a little me time before it’s back to work. I’m on a roll and the best part is that I’ve done all this alone today which means that once I find a place to move and it’s just the two of us life will be a lot less stressful than it is now.

Still Cleaning Things Out

I’m still cleaning things out and attempting to get rid of everything but what I actually use and will continue to use. That’s easier said than done. About the only thing that I accomplished today was to do a load of laundry and start another one in addition to doing revisions that will probably be returned and writing one new article that was accepted within minutes. That wasn’t how I wanted to begin the day but I take it as a lesson learned that next time I have five days to do something I’ll take more than a day and make sure I’ve covered all my bases by proofing it more than twice as I write it.

I did remember to put some of the over concentrated five gallons of laundry soap that I made into a smaller vinegar bottle and dilute it just a little bit to keep from having to rinse the clothes twice for soap residue. At the moment I would have a load of jeans in the machine that I really need to find hangers to put them on so they’ll dry. Funny thing is I only saw one or two pair of my pants in there. Guess this means that my next payday I have to come up with some clothes. I don’t know where they went but I’d love to figure it out. I need new shoes but the thought of shopping for them makes me feel a bit ill.

OK that’s all of my ramblings for the day it’s time to hang the pants up.

Almost 2011, doesn’t seem real

OK it’s almost 2011, just a couple weeks give or take a few days. It doesn’t actually seem real. I’m not sure it’s the numbers or the fact that I have two kids and a step kid that doesn’t seem real. Almost 18, 11 and almost 4. When did I get old? OK so I’m not old yet, I just feel old. My days run together and I spend time figuring out bills and other boring adult things.

I don’t actually like being grown up. It’s nice to spend time just sitting and watching a cartoon with the baby though. It’s rather amazing to see what she can do but confusing when you look at what she can’t do. She can spell a  bunch of words and as a general rule if she can spell it she can read it. She has memorized most of her shows so she says the lines before they do. This is rather strange.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night and I’m watching “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.” It’s not the fact that’s the show I’m watching that I can’t believe it’s the fact that I can’t remember when I turned into a couch potato it was so long ago.

Little bit just curled up on the couch with a couple stuffed animals. She gave them each a kiss, said ‘night night, sleep tight” and went to put them to bed on her sit and spin. It just happens to be in the coldest room in the house and didn’t give them any blankets.

I’ve got several boxes of clothing to donate boxed up and all the clothing isn’t boxed up yet. I’m down to half a drawer in Theresa’s room and the extra bed in her room is still covered in clothing that can’t be put up yet. I need to find more hangers, I know they’re in the house somewhere. I have to rearrange some of her drawers to fit more clothes in them. I have to finish cleaning her room too. I have a few dozen things around the house to donate still.

OK I’m going now. I have to review tomorrow’s schedule. I have some laundry to do tomorrow, that’s all I know for sure now.