Saturday isn’t productive or restful yet

The weekend is supposed to be a time of rest after a long week of work but so far today has been neither productive or restful. I have spent the morning doing a little laundry and searching for something to write. I have not had any luck finding anything I could start immediately because I seem to be without words today. I saw some ideas but that was it. I will be attempting to get those written later today.

Tonight I will be attempting to add a new page to my website. I’m not sure that it’s going to go well. I also have to figure out what I did with the proofs for Head Start so that I can take them to the school and get everything in order for Theresa to hopefully go next year. She would be there four to five days a week. I’m wondering just how long the day would be then because they serve lunch as well as breakfast. I still have to figure out what to do this summer.

I would like to let Theresa go to daycare at least a couple days a week so that she can spend time with other children. I would love to get her out of the public school system here, I can’t believe some of the idiots there. I also can’t believe that I leave my child unattended with these people.

I need to go back to work outside the house. My problem I don’t have the clothes for interviews. I’m going to look through my closet and see what I can wear, then look through my makeup. I have to figure something out. My income is going down and I’d like a bit more financial stability than I have at the moment.

It’s Preschool for Heaven’s Sake……………

So why is the application so long? Why do they need so many proofs? Can’t you get by with the information you already have on file for the program they’re in and just update it? I have all my proofs except for an SSI determination letter which is filed away somewhere unknown. I’m hoping to find it before we leave for speech so that I can drop all the forms off today and we can leave to go to the store from there.

I’ve decided that we’ll  be searching for a summer program for Theresa that’s half days a couple days a week so that she doesn’t get out of the habit of getting up. She likes to get out of the house and since I’ll have to take her we can get some things done while we’re out.

I’d love it if I could finish cutting my grass but it’s starting to look as if the gas left in the lawnmower is going to have to be taken out and put in the car. I bought a tire yesterday because we didn’t have a choice. I don’t like it when those things happen but they do and we deal with them.

Theresa is still amazed at the little school bus I bought her the other day. We have to do some words today so I’m going to find the sight word list and write them on her board.

That’s about it since I have two other blogs and a website to update at some point today.

First day back to school and so far it doesn’t look promising

Theresa was up way past her bedtime last night because she got to take a late afternoon nap that lasted into close to the evening. She didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, and she only ate a couple bites of the cereal bar that I gave her. I managed to get her supplements in her and get her dressed only to have her supplements come up again because she was supposed to have a full stomach. Fun, huh? She got on the bus when it came because she wouldn’t come back in, it seems that she missed the pre-school and her little friends.

I made a plan for today though. First I am updating this blog where my mind wanders, editing a coupon article and searching for something new to write. This evening after therapy we will stop at the store to pick up a couple items that we need. We will also go to the grocery store to complete my list. I plan to box up a few items that no longer fit today and stack them by the door.

I also intend to add another post at Dazed and Confused and start the odds and ends page there. I have to write up a few articles and post read more links to them. Some will be mine (of course) and some will be other peoples. I think I need to move the links page and put the links on the first page but I’m not sure yet.

Well, my laundry is almost done so I can hang it out so I’ll be going. I need to at least open the pages I want to edit before it gets done so I do not lose focus.

Less in Sunday’s Paper ?

I went to get a Sunday paper this morning. $1.50 because I haven’t had a regular newspaper in a while and I wanted the sales ads and the inserts. Well it’s nice to know the Sunday comics are still in the paper with Peanuts at the top but I could have sworn there used to be more coupon inserts. The sales papers I’m having trouble following it’s been so long. There’ a recipe for spring rolls which will come in handy. There were coupons for products we use that I always miss the sales for so having those means they cost me less and I can go ahead and buy them. I used to plan shopping trips, I’m attempting to get back to it. It’s going a bit slowly but it’s coming along.

I was going to try and shop only on a double coupon day but with that being a Saturday and gas prices back to $3.69 this morning from the $3.65 they were Friday. (Gas station closest to me) I don’t see that happening because in the event of an emergency I’d like to be able to leave. That brings me to the need for a storm shelter. There were 17 people dead from the severe weather and tornadoes that traveled across the state as of yesterday morning and the storms were not through traveling to the east of the country.

I have some writing to do if I plan to meet my earnings goals for the rest of this month and I have to begin on next month as well. I’ll be going for now.

What did I do today?

Well I began working on a new website today. Dazed and Confused which basically sums up my life at the moment better than any of these three do at the moment. I wrote two articles and published them, then I finished one and worked on another one. The last two need editing but I”m letting them sit for a while. I’m though editing as I write because of this article on increasing productivity by eliminating wasted steps.

I think I’m going to rearrange the living room. I never did finish cutting the grass because my other half never got the gas out of the lawnmower with the dead battery for me so I could finish. I was planning to save my Amazon gift cards back up and purchase a new battery for my laptop so that I could write two of the five days we’re in therapy but it looks like I’ll be saving them to help cover the costs of supplement now. They just went up and not by a little bit.

I have no idea just how much they’ll be total or how often they’ll need filling. I have a feeling that one of them is about to come off the list because Theresa doesn’t seem to have a problem with constipation at least not for now. I may just cut down on them, I thinking of asking about only giving them every other day.

Well, I’ll be going now.

Wandering mind

My mind is wandering today. So far I wrote two news articles, one about a man that was charged with murder based on Google Maps and another on the storms that hit the state and several others yesterday and today. Turns out the total fatalities from the storm are up to 17. I finished one article on coupons that I still have to edit and worked a second for submission to a site. Then I checked out the other writing sites to see if there was anything quick I could grab.

I have played a little bit of Mafia wars, washed three loads of laundry and went over to Weebly to start a website. I’m still working on it but I hope to have it up by the end of the week so that I can have everything in one place. If nothing else it’ll give me a place to put everything so that I can simply make separate sections instead of keeping up with three blogs on a regular basic. I can just post links back here when I have something that doesn’t fit.

I’ve also been looking at previews for the coupons in this Sunday’s newspaper and so far they look good enough that I’ll be splurging on the physical paper instead of reading it online. I baked some cinnamon rolls that are doughy because my other half decided to help and open the oven door to decide they were done. I didn’t bother to check overlooking the fact his eye sight isn’t as good as it could be and he had no idea what was going on when he opened the oven.

I’m also cleaning my coffee pot and getting ready to right a very bad review of the particular cleaner I’m using since I’m going to have to wipe it out by hand to get some things I feel it shouldn’t have left behind.

Well, I’m going back to my new website and the couponing articles so that I can finish them up and begin on something else. I’m trying to do four distinct articles about them before moving on to some kids stuff.

Please go back to work!

My other half had the entire week off because of Spring Break. I’m not happy about that at the moment, he’s rather irritating when he’s home all the time. The original plan was that he take Theresa to therapy this week so that I could rest, and catch up on some writing. So far this week I’ve taken her to therapy all but one day. I have managed to start articles and scrap them but not to finish more than one.

So basically everything is normal, no rest for me. I get to play catch up and write as much as possible in eight hours a week. I’m considering returning to the traditional work force. Maybe maybe not.

Something has to give

I’ve been searching for things to write about and coupons for the past two weeks. I saw a posting yesterday where someone wants articles about coupons. So I’m going to write articles on coupons and put them on the site for purchase. If nothing else I’ll have more articles in my portfolio to show potential clients and I could make some much needed money in the meantime.

I’ve also gotten my next shopping trip almost planned. I have the items I need by store, because some stores take Internet coupons and some I’m not sure about. Other stores double coupons, so I’m taking the ones I need doubled to the one that doubles the highest value of coupons. I have a budget in mind and I think I’ll be able to meet it with my coupons which I organize by expiration date. I have some with long expiration dates that I plan to hold onto until they are on sale.

I plan to purchase a paper this Sunday because there are coupons for products we use and I haven’t read it in a while, so It’ll be my treat this week. I only need one copy. I’m considering calling the local office to find out what they do with the leftover papers and inserts. I don’t want thousands of coupons just a few of the ones that don’t expire for a few months and I love the ones that don’t expire for a year or two after issue.

OK it’s almost time to get ready to leave so I’ll be going. I’m gathering what I need to get accomplished in that half hour so that I can be productive while we’re gone. I’ll be taking the recycling off next weekend. I have a lot of it scattered around the house. I’m still working on minimizing but I think I’ll start with the things that earn first, and the recyclables so that everything is done in a certain order.

it’s just not the same

OK so I decided to take today off and not go to therapy with Theresa. Instead I sent her daddy and it just wasn’t the same. First Theresa made me feel guilty that I wasn’t going by coming to my desk, taking my hands and saying “come on, let’s go bye-bye” and she wasn’t done with the guilt trip yet. When I went to lock the door behind them she opened the door so that I could come outside with them. I had to walk her to the car and strap her in the car seat. Now keep in mind her daddy was teasing me because he was ready to go without running around disoriented trying to find things at the last minute………it’ll be funny in a few minutes.

While they were gone I cut some more grass with an easy walk mower. I didn’t get a lot of grass cut compared to the size of the yard but I’m proud that some of the wild flowers that were making my sinuses act up are gone, and in the morning provided the ground is dry enough I’ll be cutting more. I came inside, washed up and mixed the muffin mix. While the oven preheated I got everything together for my bath. I went back put the muffins in the pan and set the timer for twenty minutes. I managed to take a bath and get dressed before the buzzer went off! Good timing.

At a little before 3:30 I began to worry about speech and the fact I hadn’t went. Well, I was coming out of the back when they got home and I was asking about Theresa’s day when I suddenly realized she didn’t have any pants on. When I asked why her daddy told me it was because there weren’t any in her bag. Ha! Ha! Just proves that nothing is done the same if mommy doesn’t do it.

Increase in Expenses

Expenses are going up suddenly. Supplement costs are going up by at least double each month. My complete powder is $60 to have it delivered to the house, not including the cost of the ice pack to have it shipped to me. Shipping is free. I’m checking the prices of the rest of the supplements but the fish oil and complete powder together come to at least $120 per month that I don’t have.

So at the moment I’m planning a grocery trip around coupons from Swagbucks. I think I’ll print as many as I can of the ones that have longer expiration dates so that I don’t have to hunt them down twice. So far if my trip goes as planned I’ll earn an additional 80 swagbucks the next time we go to the store. So far all I have are cheese, mustard, snacks and cereal for the baby on the list. $7.60 in savings so far, now for the second store b/c the first doesn’t sell frozen veggies and stuff.

I have no idea where the extra money is coming from. I know I have to purchase a battery so I can write on the go, and eventually upgrade or replace my laptop. I plan to take it and have all my files transfered to the new one professionally if I ever manage to get that part done.

OK. I’m off to work. Turns out couponing is a hot topic at the moment so I’m off to see if I can turn out a few articles on it. Hope my memory is good or I’ll never get done.