Short Lived Rest

I took a rest this past week to clean the house, read a book or two and have me time. The time to think cleared my head and this morning I opened my email to a job invitation. It’s not exciting but it pays and it’s easy. That is if I can focus long enough to do it. The project shouldn’t take that long once I actually sit down and do it, the problem is sitting still to do it. I seem to work faster and better under pressure so I guess I’ll create some.

I’m not taking my laptop with me to work while we’re in therapy today even though it’s going to be a long afternoon. Instead I am going to read my book. The little one is picked up from school for her first appointment today since it won’t give her time to eat lunch if the bus brings her home. So “Donald’s” as she calls will be providing lunch.

I have other work and some reading to do during the time I have scheduled myself off. Provided I meet my writing goals during my time off I have plenty of time to do everything else. The house still needs more cleaning but I can do it in stages as I throw things out that are no longer of use. I may just donate and sell the junk I don’t want, need, watch or use anymore.

I finally get to catch the laundry up. Who knew that a weekend worth of cleaning and catching up the  laundry would cause the laundry to pile up because I ran out of detergent? A fact that was correct yesterday, now I get to play catch up again. Tide with Febreeze gives me a headache. (Note to self pay more attention, you don’t even like strong perfumes on people.)

Well, I wrote out a couple bills and made the shopping list, now it’s time to get back to work.

No ABA Today!

There is no ABA today! We get to go to therapy approximately two hours later when you include the fact that lunch was typically eaten at the clinic to give little bit time to eat. This means that the morning will be spent at home writing and cleaning. The baby will have time to eat before we leave for her appointment and I can read more on my Kindle App before we leave. The other book I will take with me to read during therapy and the time after that I spend waiting for our ride to get there.

I am watching the mail in hopes of a 1099 so I can file my taxes and be done with them. The filing of the taxes is only the first step; once the return comes back I’ll know how much money I have to work with. This is has been a regular occurrence when child support falls behind. My problem right now I need to replace my Rodeo so that my child’s father can stop driving us around and go find full time employment.

Then we can situate and file the divorce proceedings. I’m tired of this dance but I will do it a little bit longer to make sure everything is in order when we file. Now to find out how to manage the expenses until then; this is getting trickier and trickier.

OK I’m off to do my budget for the hundredth time. I need to check and make sure my light bill is ready to view before I do, I can get an idea of how far under budget I am at this point. (Hope it’s a lot.)

Children Can Hold You Hostage

She’s only five years old but she is well aware that she is in charge. She developed a love for PBS kids and she is rather aggressive when she wants it. Time spent not allowing her to have it when she is pushing, shoving and hitting to get it has turned into a nightly promise of before bed. Thirty minutes before bed time she takes over my computer now to play with a curious monkey doing math of her own free will. That is after a day of school, therapy and self imposed learning with a fisher price bicycle or pad that hooks to the television. Getting her away to do her math and writing on paper, that’s a bit trickier.

Finally Free~

She decided that now I am no longer her hostage and I can work, after some discussion of waiting her turn. I got a new project over the weekend that could not have come at a better time and is due the 21st. It is simple and they understand the difficulties of trying to work with small children in tow. I am hoping that since there is only a therapy appointment and an errand today (no school) I can get the majority of this project done to move onto the next and catch up on my neglected blogs.


I am now rested, it would seem that exhaustion got the better of me and all I could focus on where correcting the behaviors. The stress gave me a nice all over back ache that a nice soak in the tub with my spa jets did not entirely relieve. Any idea how hard it is to isolate a single muscle at lower outside of the back when you only have four jets in a garden tub? Oh heavens, I am more spoiled than I thought. I still say I deserve a hot tub, a shot of whiskey 

I meant a glass of wine……..who am I kidding I meant whiskey. I never claimed to be a lady :-P.