Almost a normal Friday

Today was almost a normal Friday. We had ABA after all. Theresa got her B-12 shot while we were there. Poor thing is too smart. When they went into the office with the couch to give her the shot she started looking around and got rather irritated. Luckily this did not have a negative impact on her session.

Theresa was rather good today, we managed to get all of her supplements in her (once I got all of them). This morning she was without three in the morning she’ll only miss one. Tonight she got all of them. A lack of a nap today made it easier than usual to get them into her.

I’d love to know who the idiot that came up with the sizes for children’s clothing is. I put there pairs of pants on Theresa before I found one that fit. The shirt I put on her was a 5T, it fit perfectly and was so cute with the different colored stripes. I tried to put the matching green pants on her but the 5T was a little too long and way to big in the waste. Next came the 2T pants that were about an inch too short. Last were the 24 month pants that fit just right. Now who’s the donkey that came up with this measuring system?

She’s been rather talkative today and was still trying to force me into singing kids’s songs before she got too tired. Well, today was rather uneventful so I’m going to play a mindless game, do some searches and work on my next article.

Theresa’s schedule change

This morning we had speech as usual and of course Theresa did great. After speech we usually have ABA but her therapist wasn’t there today. Instead of going directly to ABA we went to the doctor’s office. Theresa needed a B-12 shot and she’s gotten to where she fights so much when I try to give them to her that I was ready to give up. The last one was given at the clinic where she gets therapy to make sure she got it; today the lady that gave it to her was on vacation so to the doctor’s office we went.

Theresa doesn’t like the doctor’s office especially when she’s already seen the needle since I took one with me. My sweet little girl had a panic tantrum. She actually opened the door and went outside to escape. She tried about three times to actually leave the office without me to keep from getting the shot. When we went into the room to wait for the nurse to draw up the shot she went to fussing. She knows what needles are and she fought the entire time I was trying to expose her little leg for the nurse to stick her.

Funny thing is that she fought the entire time I tried to get a hold of her hands and lay her down for the shot but she never cried. Actually as soon as I got her in position the nurse was done with the shot. Theresa didn’t even cry afterward. I asked how she managed that and she told me that she changed the needle. Instead of using the 1ml needle the pharmacy gave me she used a 3ml so it took less time to get the B-12 into Theresa.

Well, we came home and Theresa ate an egg with barbecue sauce on it. Then she cleaned up after herself by throwing my bowl in the garbage instead of putting it in the sink like she usually does. Once that was all done we went back to the clinic to have her ABA session with Danielle. She’s never had therapy with Danielle but she knows who she is. Theresa did great she didn’t try to swat at her when she made her follow through with a task or when she kept on until Theresa said the word or phrase that they were trying to get her to say.

Theresa also got to stay up an hour past her bedtime putting pennies in a piggy bank because she told me “I want help.” It’s so hard to believe that a year ago she was virtually mute. I’m so proud of her that I’ll never be able to make it clear enough.

This family is getting expensive

Well, tomorrow Theresa gets her B-12 shot. I had a talk with the Kelly today about the fact that she’s getting increasingly violent trying not to get the shot and she told me we could cut back to once a week with it since I don’t want her off of it yet. She’s making fast progress with it. Kelly told me there is a nasal spray that doesn’t work as well and is a lot more expensive. I’ll have to wait a bit to change her over. Tomorrow we add two new supplements to help her progress; approximately $13. I still haven’t gotten the $8 bottle of zinc or the $38 bottle of fish oil replaced. Nice timing huh?

Hubby’s blood pressure was sky high last night. I’ve got to get his stubborn ass back to the doctor but it’s a waste of money when he won’t do what he’s supposed to. He quit drinking so his medicine is more effective when he takes it correctly. I was looking for something on his counter last night and found a prescription from 2007 that’s still half full.

I have an appointment to follow up on my eye the 12th at 7:40 in the morning. The doctor told me I could cancel it if my eye felt back to normal. So far it’s not quite there, my vision is blurry I”m hoping it’s just my bad vision and the fact that I’m wearing the wrong prescription. I think I’ll get myself new glasses and brakes for my birthday. I’ve needed brakes on my truck for a while but my darling hubby doesn’t know any better when it comes to being able to stop. He thinks it’s supposed to take forever.

I did a load of towels today when we got back from morning therapy. I hand wash the shirt I want to wear tomorrow and a couple of Theresa’s night gowns because she needs them and there isn’t enough laundry to justify doing another load. I still need to buy her some more plastic pants to cover her training pants and keep her from getting accidents on the floor. Somehow I have ten pair with plastic pants. Why don’t they just sell them together? The stupid packs aren’t even when you buy them separately.

I can make my dish detergent or use a few slivers of Zote. I like the Zote but it’s a delicate wash and to use it for stain removal you have to soften the bar and let it sit on the stain. That’s a pain in the butt, the Colgate soap makes me nauseas but you can rub it directly on the stain before you put it in the wash. I can’t find Fels Napa or Washing Soda here. The PH increaser is rather expensive and oxi-clean causes foaming.

Now I’m rambling and can’t remember what I was saying. I just know that I’m taking back over the baby’s shopping. Of course today she kept insisting on a cookie but we didn’t have any. She didn’t actually want a cookie, she calls rice cakes cookies. Theresa actually likes plain rice cakes, she’ll be a lot healthier than I am now in another thirty years.

Good night all.

B-12 shots

The latest in Theresa’s long list of supplements is a B-12 shot every three days. She’s doing well on them and so far has only missed one. She gets a little upset when she gets the shot but she’s fine in a couple minutes. Her speech is up and she’s processing more. It’s amazing. There are some studies and more information on B-12 that I’ll post the links for when I can see straight.