Supplements and More Supplements

This morning we had labs drawn. We refilled supplements and got another one. The total cost of the supplements today? $107 that I’ll be paying for the first of next month. The good news is that they won’t all run out at the same time again.

New supplement for speech -DMG =$18
Magnesium citrate = $6
L-Carnosine = $26
Acetyl L Carnitine = $15
Complete powder (probiotic)= $36
zinc (30mg)=$6
Total $107 that I get to pay next month because I’m out of money before month.

The other day I made a gallon of homemade dish soap following Annie’s recipe. I have to get some lemon juice. I made a gallon of hand soap tonight. I’m wondering if I can use it as a body wash too. I’ll be making a gallon of laundry soap instead of five gallons next time. I’m re-purposing gallon jugs at the moment. I don’t seem to have anything in 1.5 gallon containers and the five gallons of detergent seems to be too much. I have trouble getting it out of the bucket and stirring it seems to be an issue since I don’t have a long enough handled spoon.

OK that’s about it for now, I’ll be back later.