Two New Family Members!

My darling Jerry has disappeared, I can’t find him anywhere and none of the neighbors have seen him. He’s not at the local shelter either. There were some cats close to his age and size but not had the same kitten face he still had at 41/2.

Well, since he wasn’t there I decided to look at the cats that were running out of time and see if any of them picked me. Well, two of them did. They’re friends. Right now they’re enjoying hiding in their new home. It took them a few minutes to come out of the carrier. Actually they were so unsure I had to reach in and get them out.

I have nearly a full bag of cat food left and one litter box. So I went to get another litter box, a bag of litter and a grooming brush. They’ve been outside in the heat at the shelter, granted there was a make shift curtain to pull over the cages to keep the temperature down but it’s been in the nineties so they were shedding pretty badly. They seem grateful for the air conditioning and the fact that they can pick where they want to be and stay there without being bothered.

Jerry was a bit more playful tripping you every chance he got and rather spoiled since he’d wake you up to feed him but I ‘d had him since he was six weeks old. There two just need a little time to realize that they aren’t going back to the shelter. Tomorrow I get to call and make an appointment to get them fixed and vaccinated. Which is covered since they were sponsored. The cost of adoption for a kitten is $15 but everyone adopts them there is a woman that sponsors the grown cats so there isn’t a charge to take them home.

Hubby won’t let me go get anymore. We have three bedrooms and the house is on almost 7 acres, if I could afford a fence I could go get a couple of the dogs down there. Dogs are great for keeping people from coming into the yard at night. Now I miss my lab and my lab Rottweiler mix.

Where are you Jerry?

My cat ran away. He asked to be let out day before yesterday morning and never asked to come back in. Well, we figured he’d decided to spend the night outside, he’s done that before but always come back the next morning. This time he didn’t. He always comes when I call but this time he hasn’t.

He’s not anywhere in the yard. The neighbors haven’t seen him. Thankfully he’s not on the side of the road, unfortunately he had recently discovered the edge of the road. When we get back from therapy today hubby is going to check the shelter and see if they picked him up. If they did he damn well have better not been on MY property.

OK time to get ready to go. Where in the world are you Jerry??

Tuesday Again

Tuesday always feels like Monday for some reason. It could be because we went from having Monday therapy then school to just having Tuesday speech to start the week. I’ve been up for an hour and so far nothing is done. I decided to ramble here and focus on work on a separate blog, that way I’m not confusing myself.

We have to be in therapy in one hour. So far Theresa has picked at her breakfast and she’s not even dressed yet. She still has to have her supplements before we can dress her. She finally learned that she can spit.

On the bright side spraying my hair with my pink and leaving it a few minutes before I washed it helped my hair. It tends to dry out during the summer and feel like straw if I don’t do something to condition it everyday or spray it with the sheen. It works out better to use the sheen, I don’t need conditioner with it (I’m the only one in the house that uses a separate bottle) and washing it doesn’t take as long. I can leave it down with the pink.

I managed to get a good bit of grass cut yesterday and there’s still enough gas in the lawnmower to get most of the side I stopped on done. That easy walk was one of the best investments I ever made. I was looking at reel mowers but I’d need one at least 2 feet wide and I’d be the only one to ever use it. Even at 2 feet wide it’d only be used to do right around the house since there’s approximately three acres to mow and it gets up to the high nineties early. So instead we have an old riding mower (much smaller than the one I used to have) that was given to us when the last one tore up and the easy walk. I love the easy walk just squeeze the lever and keep up.

I may still get the reel mower to keep the very front and back down. That way I could get under the trees better and not have to worry about the other one getting hung on something.

I did some math for the magic jack, after the device with a year of service included I’d average $34 a month to have a home phone and two cell phones. That’s with leaving hubby’s like it is for work and stuff, then reducing my phone plan to an automatic top up of $15 every three months for emergencies since that time adds up. The problem using up all the minutes on my cell phone so I can turn off the rollover option and change it to the $15 every three month auto top up. Then I’d have to change the contact number on everything.

Of course I have to make sure they have a local number for my city. With the majority of my calls being incoming I need a number that everyone can call. I love the idea of being able to call anywhere in the country (I can now on the cell phone) without worrying about the minutes that I’m using. Of course I have some built up but if I change the plan before I use them then I lose them.

OK time to finish up and get a couple things done before we leave I have a couple of things to do real quick.

New Approach to Working

OK I finally figured it out. I began with 1518 Helium articles on the 25th. I plan to add a minimum of 100 new articles by the 24th. That’ll bring my article total up to 1618 by the end of the month. I decided to write to titles that aren’t qualified for upfront payments during the month. While the upfront payments options are great they have been causing me stress. From now on if I see a title I like I’m writing to it, I see a subject I want to write about I’m writing about. If I find something interesting I’m writing about it.

I did some thinking and I believe that I can earn more if I don’t focus on the actual earnings so much. I know for a fact that when I give I do better than when I don’t. Even if it’s just a little bit. I know how to get by on less but lately I’ve been reading a blog that makes me wonder just how much more frugal I could be. There are some things I’ve convinced myself that I can’t live without kleenex is one of them. I don’t know why but my husband had a habit of blowing his nose on whatever he could find when we met. Once he realized that I threw away those items instead of washing them he stopped. He realized it was cheaper to buy a box of kleenex than new clothes. I can however go without napkins and paper towels. I have some paper towels to put greasy foods on but other than that they don’t get used.

I need to get some new kitchen towels and put most of the old ones to work on cleaning the floors. The stains won’t come out of them. I have a dozen storage options I don’t buy the containers unless I absolutely need them. My fridge is empty except for some kool-aid, tea and Theresa’s bread. My freezer on the other hand is almost over full. Of course it doesn’t take much to fill a side by side.

OK I have no idea where this is going so I’m going back to work now.

It’s the third Day and Not so good so far

OK it’s Sunday so we overslept. Actually I was up at 3 this morning but I decided to go back to bed so I could function today. It’s a little after noon now and we have a birthday party at 2. I just wrapped the present, well I put it in a gift bag with tissue paper because my wrapping skills suck when I’m in a hurry.

Since the 25th I’ve written a total of four new articles, three of which qualify for upfront payment. I’ve reposted some articles and they seem to be earning OK where they are. I’ve got to to spend part of tonight and tomorrow verifying facts and sending yet more income proofs out.

I know what I need to save the problem is I have to re-budget to make everything fit. I’m thinking about a magic jack to reduce the cell phone bill. Currently two cell phones with roll over minutes come to $43.60 a month. We don’t use them as much as we used to. They’re prepaid and I just have to log into the website to change the plan. There is one that is $15 every three months if you top up automatically which I do. For two phones that’s $30 every three months total before tax but that’s only $10 a month versus the $20 now.

I’m waiting on a web post about Magic Jack from someone that uses it before I decide. I remember reading that the device is $40 with a year of service included. I think it’s like $20 for a year of service. Like I said waiting on a web post to make sure. I can count and that’s less than I pay now. I like the idea of not needing an answering machine.

OK I still have a little bit of work to do before we can go. I’ve got to leave enough time to pack Theresa her special cake. I have a few dollars to get her a bag of chips since she can’t have the pizza they’re having either.

Day 2 for Organization and Earnings

Day 2 started out by over sleeping until a little after 8 am. Yeah that’s late for summer when you have a small child and work to do. I still haven’t managed to get to work yet. I have managed to get all but one towel folded and put away because for some reason that one towel wasn’t dry. I have another load of clothes soaking right now to make sure the stains are out of them. I just love how food ends up all over clothes no matter how careful the kids are.

I managed to get a nice cold bath because it’s already hot outside. I had to take a cold bath, I made Theresa a yellow cake using bananas and put pineapple on it. She likes it, I think it could use a little cinnamon. I made us an angel food cake. It turned out rather interesting, guess next time I’ll actually use the mixer instead of a wisk to bring the eggs to peaks. I used to have a manual mixer that I loved. I could actually mix things without wearing half the batter. I’m not really into electric gadgets in the kitchen. I have an electric can opener because it’s the only one that doesn’t get lost and a small food processor because I lost the little hand grinder. The little grinder only did a cup at a time but that’s all that I need.

My writing percentage at Helium is going up slowly. That’s good but I have to do more ratings, my fifth rating star is in danger from lack of enough ratings. The more I write the more I rate but my writing percentage has to be closely monitored. I can’t afford to drop back to four stars right now.

OK my floor should be dry so I can go refill my coffee. I made Kool-aid this morning, at 10 cents a pack it’s still cheaper than tea and I don’t use as much sugar in it. I still haven’t gotten a water bottle to stick in the fridge so I don’t have to turn the faucet on every time I want a glass. I have a water filter with flavor cartridges on my kitchen sink. I don’t like plain water and buying bottled water makes me feel guilty, besides I prefer non-carbonated water.

OK it’s really time for work; hopefully I won’t have to play catch-up at the end of the month this time.

Day 1 for Organization and Earnings Experiment

OK it’s day one of the new earnings and organization experiment. So far I managed to oversleep. I did get some articles posted at wikinut ( today. I rated some at Helium, then I posted some articles to Associated Content. I still haven’t managed to do but maybe one leap frog at Helium today. 

I had the day planned out so that after therapy Theresa and I went to the pharmacy, then to the grocery store. Well, we managed to pharmacy to get her multivitamin. $16 for a bottle that lasts two months which came to $17.44 with tax. So that bottle is $8 a month before tax and $8.72 a month after tax is added. That’s for the capsules that I can take apart and dissolve in her juice, the chew-ables are only $14 before tax but they’re more difficult to get in her. The difficulty results in her missing doses that she doesn’t need to miss. Now that I’ve got that supplement cost figured out it’s time to figure out the rest of them.

The grocery store didn’t go as well. We pulled in and I realized that while I had been able to pay the pharmacy I didn’t have the money on me to get what we need from the grocery store. So we came home to try again later. Theresa had lunch and now she’s pretending to take a nap. That’s OK she’ll be in a good mood when I go to get her up. When it cools off some I can go get her stuff to take with her this Sunday. 

She’s going to a birthday party and I have to take her something to eat because of the food sensitivities she has. I’m still rearranging the grocery budget to get it to a decent amount each month because of the ridiculous price of her food. Tomorrow we go to pick up the allergy free foods that we special ordered for her because it was cheaper than buying them in the grocery store.

I managed a load of laundry this morning that hubby hung up for me. Now I’m going to do some article posting, leapfrogging and then it’s off to make room for my small dish pan to hand wash a couple things I don’t want to risk tearing up in the washing machine. 

Experimenting with Earnings and Bill Payments

Well it’s officially June 25th at Helium and the start of a new upfront payments cycle. It’s once again time to begin earning for the next month while trying not to confuse it with this month. I have just enough to cover expenses. The rest well that’s where my savings account comes into play. It’ll take care of those things that we have to have and can’t do without like Theresa’s supplements that’ll need replacing before the end of the month. Hopefully the money to pay the next round of car insurance and cover the tags will be left in the account. Then there’s Christmas.

Both are still a little ways away so I think I’ll focus on the here and now. I think we can manage with what we have. We have most of what we need for the next month as long as nothing major happens. The air conditioning in my truck isn’t working. It’s in the high nineties so that makes it an issue. Four windows to roll down and a fear of stinging insects flying into them. Of course the windows being down just lets more hot air in, the vent works to let air circulate and it’s a bit cooler than the outside air. Getting it fixed isn’t an option at the moment, it’d be nice though. If it was winter I wouldn’t even think about it the heater works great.

Funny thing is that while Theresa is disabled by SSI’s definition if we actually manage to tuck enough away to take care of an emergency she doesn’t qualify. The really funny thing is that she needs constant care, attention and more therapy than she’s getting but we can’t afford anymore. No one seems to realize that in order to make enough to cover everything there is very little one on one time left; when there is one on one time enough to help her progress there is no time for anything else. Right now she’s in the floor playing with her cards. She likes her cards and she likes quizzing herself on them.

All the stress is where the new experiments with my earnings and the bill payments come in. I seem to have trouble focusing lately so I’m spreading my earnings out a bit more. I don’t have any private clients right now so I’m back to my own material with my own by-line. As difficult as it may seem to believe it’s easier to ghostwrite than to have my name permanently associated with an article. I guess that it’s well actually I have no idea what it is.

I think I’ll see how much I can manage to get done if I stop staying up late at night to work and start getting up at 4 or 5am and going to bed by at least 11pm. I think I can manage to drink a few cups of coffee in the morning, leap and repost some articles then set up some promotions. During the day I go to therapy with Theresa, clean the house (always something to do), cook, get ready for the next day etc. I think I’ll even use my “to do list’ again. My biggest problem is that they are always too detailed when I do them. I have to write down everything that I could possibly have to do during the day and check it off as I go. I think I’m over detailed when it comes to the list. This time I have to have two one for home and one for “work” my productivity is off lately.

Summer speech at the school ended today with no warning. Well, everyone but me had warning the therapist gets to take a vacation. I think that’s a nice thing although I would love to have one. That leaves Thursday morning free to put something else there. She’s always learning in real time but there are still somethings that we have to get for her therapy needs. There are some puzzles that she needs, I think I’ll look on eBay and at the local thrift shops. She needs new books too, I’ve got to go renew my library card so that I can check some out to read with her. I need to read some too. I’ve got dozens of books I haven’t read yet. I think I’ll read them before I get anymore for myself.

I have a feeling the new schedule I’m aiming for isn’t going to work too well but I’m going to try it. I think that I can fit more in if I don’t oversleep or try and stay up late to catch up on what I’m behind on. NO MORE ALL NIGHTERS IS THE GOAL.

Actually the goal is to save enough money to live off of for six months to one year without doing without. I’d love to get the bills down to less than $500 a month but we have a couple years before that happens. That reminds me I have to check and see which bills have been paid and which ones haven’t. I may be transferring the money into my savings account sooner than I think. OK time to go to work and prepare for tomorrow.

Udating Information

Well, the updating of Theresa’s information for her SSI eligibility has been done. An envelope will be here within the next week so that I can mail back the proofs that they need. This whole process is rather confusing to me. Oh well, I just have to remember that it’s not until two months later that our income affects Theresa. When people send letters for appointments they should make it a point to tell you what you need.

I’ve got to find all those things that Theresa threw out of my desk. I had things that we needed in it but they aren’t there anymore. My husband went to the grocery store while I was on the phone. I’m kind of worried about that now. He’s not good at the store, I bet when he gets back the grocery budget will be blown. The fact that he’s not answering his phone is worrying me. He didn’t have any idea what we needed when he left.

I have a lot of work to do next month. Estimating my income is never easy, I wish that it would go up so I could save at least half of it. Well, I just heard a car door slam I hope that he didn’t go overboard or spend anymore out of the bank. Well, it’s time to go back to work then I have to figure out how much I have to earn next month.

Wednesday and Planning for the Weekend Already

It’s only Wednesday and we’re planning for the weekend already. Theresa is going to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I managed to get the gift today, still have to wrap it. That’ll take about five maybe ten minutes. I still have to find time to go to the grocery store and get her something that she can have without trying to eat what everyone else is having.

An alternative to the cake is her special cake, alternative to the pizza is a little bit more difficult. I’m thinking pepperoni and something but I can’t come up with anything. She can have coke, I think she can still have coke.

It’s 93 out and I’m exhausted but hubby had to go somewhere so I’m up instead of taking a nap. I’ve been rewriting articles and posting at other places to expand my earnings potential. So far it’s going so-so. Oh well, I just so an article that I can write to. In another twenty minutes I’ll get Theresa out of bed, she’ll have been pretending to take a nap long enough. I want her dressed and ready in case we have to leave. I still have to check and see if there is anything in the kitchen for her to eat already cooked.

OK one article, get Theresa up, put clothes away and wash another load. Then maybe get more work done and take a look at houses. I want my feet on the ground, this trailer is beginning to fall apart and shakes when it thunders. I”m not real fond of that never mind the fact that it’s up off the ground a bit on blocks.