Slowing Down for Saturday

It’s a nice thought isn’t it? I would be slowing down because I haven’t gotten the rest of my project yet which is fine. I did the last two I got yesterday last night and will check in and out today for more to finish it up and get paid. In the meantime I focus on cleaning areas of my home that get neglected during the week because they need a thorough spring cleaning. It’s supposed to rain so there won’t be any work done outside for fear of having to turn around and redo what was done.

I have laundry that gets to hang on the indoor line to prevent having to run out in the rain and risk breaking my neck to get it in during the rain. My carpet is getting cleaning with vinegar water and a rag (I failed to replace my mop). Actually I got irritated that the mop head I wanted wasn’t in the store, a cheap sponge mop was $1.50 (doesn’t work well for my purposes) and those Mr. Clean Mop refills at $5 a refill were all they had in stock. Lovely, lovely I do so love to watch the mop wear down before my eyes but I guess at least then you never use it past its prime. I should have picked up a pack of sponges to do my floor with since I prefer to do it on my hands and knees anyway.

So as I go back and forth from my screen and housekeeping this morning I will have a million things going at once. My dishes are soaking in a sink full of soapy water right now to make sure all the food that was stuck to them comes off. I need to buy a dishwasher since I’m the only one that appears to know that it’s not my job to clean everything. Of course it’s not the first time I’ve been here, it’s always my fault if things aren’t clean the way they should be in the sexist minds that surround me.

I would also need to remember that my towels need more air when they dry to prevent them from souring. Yuck! Another thing to remember in the future is that while the relatively new dish liquid from Gain works well, it has an overwhelming perfume smell from it. Yet, another thing that gives me a headache.

OK off to eat breakfast before I forget all together.

Back to Work!!

It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have itback temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the processof lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally saidit was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects tothe Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if Iam online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while Icatch up.
I even lowered my Internet bill for the time being. Mymother purchased some groceries and gave me some money since I had been out ofwork and did not have a payday this past week. I put the groceries awayfiguring that we could make them last a few weeks and then I began thebudgeting of the money that she gave me. First thing was to get my televisionout of the pawnshop, $62.50. (My youngest had been promised the Peanut Festivalon Special Citizens Day)
She had a blast dragging me on rides that made me feel olderthan I realized I was as I got dizzy every time. Her father (my soon to be ex)watched and laughed the whole time. She ended up with a $5 frog when the manheld the balloon so that she could just pop it with the dart. Somehow I wemissed lunch because I was tired and dizzy causing us to sit down and losetrack of time. Oh well.
I also invested in a portable Internet device and purchasedone GB of Internet for $20. I figure that I can use that much easily and get alot of work posted while I wait for mother to pick my computer back up to finishfixing it. My keys are sticking but I saw a keyboard for $10 that would beeasier for me to use than the flat keyboard that is on it. There is an optionfor $10 Internet that would have me spending approximately $40 a month, $50 amonth would get me unlimited access but I can not afford that right now. Ispent more than I should on the device but I had to get back to work.
It took almost $60 to fill the tank on my Rodeo to get usback and forth for hopefully the next two weeks. I changed my phone to 20 centsa minute and placed $10 on it to use in an emergency. It was better thanleaving it off I just had to disable incoming text messages to make it work. Idon’t have to pay the bill again until the 8th of February so let’s hopeI can stretch that $10 out some to make it easier for a while.
I refigured my basic expenses and I have a betterunderstanding of what I need to do. That is a post for another day. I have toget back to work ASAP. I’m running back and forth from the housework to thekeyboard to make sure I don’t get bored sitting in one spot.It has been two weeks since my computer tore up. I have itback temporarily at the moment and am able to work. In fact I began the processof lowering bills already. My mother has had it for two weeks and finally saidit was working well enough that I can use it. It is humming but it connects tothe Internet and it stays on. I have to make up for the last two weeks and if Iam online I find myself easily distracted so I decided to work offline while Icatch up.

UGGH!!! Can it Get Any Worse??

That is a rhetorical question, not a challenge. I finally got enough figures for next month’s expenses to realize that they are more than my projected income for next month. That is not a good thing. I was able to look at my light bill this morning and the new budget amount is $245. We were $96.29 under budget this month which is good at the end of the year if the trend continues, bad at the moment because I’ll be giving them extra money that I desperately need in my pocket right now. My Internet bill so I can continue to work is $50.50 and I am thinking of having the Internet cut off for a month or so until I get caught up. I already turned the cable off. Of course I could just go to a prepaid plan and only use the Internet for work instead of the million other things I use it for. The rest of the expenses are not important at the moment as sitting down and actually looking at the numbers past my regular monthly expenses would cause my to panic and do something else stupid.

At the moment I would be happy to find another morning as productive as I had the morning I had four articles rewritten, the laundry done and a couple other things by noon. I don’t see this day being as productive. I do see me rewriting a couple of my own articles after I check on my earnings. I’m not looking forward to checking my earnings by any means. They appear to be going down which means I have to get a move on and make something happen quickly…..

Well, complaining isn’t doing so I’m going to be going.

Figuring It Out Again……

Learning to do everything alone would talk a bit of time. At the moment I am attempting to figure out just how many more hours I can get out of my day. There are always additional expenses at the end of the year but this year they seem to be hitting me harder than ever. I am in no position to take care of everything I can only hope that things manage to work out someway.

I seem to remember having this same problem this time last year, the only difference is that this time there is no changing my mind. I am getting a divorce which will once again make me a single parent. This time my child has special needs that require time, attention and money to take care of. In September of 2010 I made the decision to stop writing for other people and manage with what I could earn writing my own content in the time available to me. That change lasted almost one year before circumstances forced me to go back to private clients. This time everything has changed and I have no choice but to work every angle to ensure that I earn the amount of income that I require to meet even the most basic needs.

Scheduling Changes

My child is now at a half day preschool Monday through Friday. This means that I get up each morning and turn my computer on before I ever get her up and get in at least five minutes of preparation for the day. The bus picks her up at approximately 8:05 and drops her back off between 12:15 and 12:30 that afternoon. This gives me four hours to clean up the house while I work. Yes, I am guilty of cleaning house when I take a break from writing, someone has to do it. A total of twelve hours a week to write new content either my own or as a ghostwriter for others.

We still have therapy five days a week. Wednesday’s I pick my child up from preschool just before noon so she can have lunch before her one o’clock appointment. I typically pack it because of her issues with crowds and she has a picnic. Tuesdays we have two therapy sessions as well. The rest of the week we have one half hour session. These are the hours when I can and can not work. I typically use therapy now as a time to read and relax from the stress of the day.

How Much Do I Need to Earn?

I need to earn enough to cover the monthly expenses, my child’s needs and in the short term my divorce. The divorce is additional money that I would require making it a bit tricky to come up with. The least amount of money I need to cover it would be $500. Great, now to figure out where to get an extra $500.. I’m unsure of household expenses at the moment which makes this even more difficult.

The only clear thing?

The only thing that is clear to me right now is that I do not have enough facts and I am no where near prepared for the changes that are taking place so rapidly.

Frantically Working

I would be frantically working on anything and everything in hopes of getting paid for something, anything before Friday. I would be so broke that I literally can not pay attention. There are always extra bills at the end of the year but this year they seem to be taking more of a toll than they usually do. I need to get gas to take the kid to therapy and replenish her supplements. That’s going to be tricky, gas is over $3 a gallon. I have $5 and a quarter of a tank of gas. You tell me is this going to work for five days of therapy?? I think not.

I’ll have a whole $17 on Friday minimum and while that’s better than nothing I fear that it is far from enough. I really should write a book or something. I started to type up some things that I had written so that I can edit them and turn them into short stories but I’m afraid that some of them were too painful and I had to stop typing them up to prevent myself from crying. Well, this isn’t doing anything but complaining so I’ll be getting back to work. Yes, I know I have more blogs to update but that can be done tonight and during my breaks today. I have to work furiously to make things improve and that is just what I intend to do.

Cleaning Up a Big Mess

I am in the process of attempting to get my third divorce without losing custody of my youngest daughter. It would seem that my finances are not the only challenge that I would face. Friends don’t stab you in the back and they listen instead of talking over you. Turns out I was right I have very few true friends and I aim to keep those few closer than ever in the coming months. I also intend to casually get rid of the ones that do not listen and cause me more trouble than they are worth.

Years ago I got rid of everyone and everything that caused me to have unnecessary stress. A few months ago I accidentally let one of those people back in my life. You know the kind that is always talking so they hear half of something and can’t comprehend that it’s not their business to share. The ones that jump to conclusions and require having their jaw wired shut to prevent them from talking. I hate people like that always have but since I was like twelve when mother moved me to this annoying place I have been surrounded by them.

I have to figure out how to pay my bills, dissolve a five year marriage before it hits six and falls apart even further. I have no idea why I stayed in this marriage for so long. I do know that I have to get a divorce and get that non-friend back out of my life before they take me along on their path to self destruction. I can not believe my own stupidity in the matter as if I hadn’t had enough problems through the years. I am already tired of just nodding in agreement as they made inaccurate assumptions in an effort to get them to shut up.

At the moment I would be bouncing back and forth between my own writing and writing for private clients in an effort to make ends meet. It would seem that everyone is once again missing the point of self employment and the fact that the more I am out of the house the less I would make. I prefer to get all my work done before I leave the house but they do not understand this.

Well, I see this turning into one long off subject rant so I will be going back to work now. Got a short news article to finish and try to do more of before I can begin my project work for the day.

Not looking Good

Well, I just called to cancel my pest control service because I can’t afford $33 a month anymore. My other half is off taking out a title loan. Not the best idea but we don’t have a choice, it’s the only way we can get a loan and I don’t want to overdraw my bank account. I need antifreeze for my truck and some in his car. My truck overheated this morning because apparently the thermostat was frozen shut. Theresa and I were on the way to a testing appointment for her which we’re still trying to reschedule. Nice huh?

As soon as the Doctor’s office calls me back I’m calling and reducing the cable and Internet since it’s a bundle. That way I keep my ability to work and some television channels since we need an outdoor antenna that the hook up seems to have disappeared to in order to watch television without cable. Gotta love the new digital signals, they cost more than they’re worth. I’m thinking downgrade the Internet to a slower speed and put the cable to expanded basic, limited basic is too basic to pay for just local channels. We’ll see as soon as I find the rate sheet.

OK I’m going now.

Figuring it all out and I think I may just be OK!

OK so I won’t be writing for a certain site that shall remain nameless anytime in the near future after this bunch of B.S. but I will continue to collect my hard earned revenue share. At the moment that would a bit over $9 since I requested payment on the 2nd. Now the payment schedule is going to include the possibility of getting what I’ve already requested on the 10th in addition to a second payment the 15th. That is if I can managed to get the $25 required by then. Another payment possibility comes at the end of the month. In theory that is fine and good. I shall see just how well my ad revenue does and if those twice a month payments can help at all. What I will not do is give exclusive rights to quality work for pennies. I can find a few minutes a week to rate enough to ensure I have the one measly star to continue passive income.

Associated Content does in fact pay less in ad share but I have received more in upfront payment on a single article. I’m working on an opinionish piece of sorts for them now. Display only but that is my choice. At the moment I have a whole $2.98 there. It’s not much but it is a tank of gas for the car. Maybe I should post a few to Bukisa since they only need be approximately 250 words to post. Then there is wikinut that I have made my home for daily ramblings when I can turn what would otherwise be a blog post in an article of sorts.

Sidetick- the 7th of November I requested a payment of $25 which I got the $15th of November. Today is the 5th of December and I’ve managed to earn $19.19 since that time. I only need another $5.81 to request another $25 which will cover one of the cell phones with $3.20 left over. At the rate of 50 cents a day for doing the basic requirement that takes all of a couple minutes that’ll take me twelve days to finish earning the minimum. $15 a month is the guarantee and I believe I can do better than that. I spend a couple moments each morning writing a short blog post that earns me a single tickbuck each time it is viewed. I also take the time every few weeks or so to upload a few odd photos to the site. I also earn by viewing new pages which takes just a few minutes and is what I’d be doing on other social networking sites for free.

I redid the budget today and I figured everything to be $475 a month. That figure did not include my husband of the moments child support or household items. I focus on one thing at a time. From the only reliable income source I have at the moment that would leave $131.60. Now comes the time to add up the rest of the monthly expenses. Those would include the little ones supplements each month.

The good news is that the bottle of vitamin D drops that I paid over $20 back in March and last nine months I can get for $5 a bottle! That’s less than $1 a month for that tiny bottle. She gets 3 drops a day which isn’t much but the initial cost can be horrible when you’re budget is tight. Her magnesium citrate is $6 and last a few months. I have to buy complete powder ($35), fish oil ($63 for 8oz), and zinc ($4) on pretty much a regular monthly basis. That means there is an additional $102 that I have to have in my budget to pay for those. The rest of her supplements only come out every few months so I’ll leave those out for now.

The monthly bills and those three supplements total $577.00. $606.60 – $577.00 = $29.60. That

While the figure may look nice to be leftover in a time when more and more people don’t have anything left it is merely an illusion. There is still gasoline to get her to appointments and household needs to meet. Therefore I will be focusing on promotions, sites that pay quickly and picking up the occasional private client for a fast payment to make the ends meet. I want to become self sufficient and fall off the grid. I do not care to freeze, have a heat stroke or starve as I work my way toward that goal.  On the bright side I have found free books for my kindle app such as the one to the left of this post.


IWhat I’m thinking at the moment does’t fit on either my family or my working blog so it’s going here. I’m a freelance writer for those of you that don’t know. I work from home producing content for various websites. Well recently a site that I used to earn enough to cover the bills on when I didn’t have outside work there has been a drastic change in the way payments are now made. Although only $20 of the earnings I’ll receive on the 10th are from the previous upfront payment system. The rest was from ad revenue. July payout I had $135 in upfront payments.

Well, it’s kind of obvious I was more than a little distracted the last month the system did me any good. The new changes are being made strictly with profit in mind. Not the writers and an ignorant, arrogant, lying jackass is screaming that it’s in EVERYONE’S best interest. Not to be bitchy or anything but I’m betting that the donkey couldn’t afford my basic needs never mind my wants as you have to take your head out of your ass to earn a living.

The highlight of my day was taking my little girl to a pancake breakfast where she had her pictures made with Santa clause. Other than the payment thing that has been causing a lot of upset since it’s announcement the worse part of the day was missing most of Sex and the City the movie. Oh well at least the movie comes on again tomorrow.

It’s a good thing I’ve been working to reduce expenses lately. Although I would prefer this be by choice instead of once again being because income has almost disappeared. I took time off that apparently I should have spent working my ass off to build up savings for this particular situation. I got two appointment books today. One weekly planner and a monthly planner. I have to keep up with bill due dates and appointments. I get to spend ten minutes a day five days a week rating to keep a rating star for ad revenue. I’m really glad that I stopped being a volunteer there shortly after the volunteer positions were created.

Funny you’d think that somehow sites that count on writers to produce the content that keeps them afloat would be fair to all of them. I hate having to search for work, I dislike bidding wars and prefer to write my own content with my own name because I can pick and choose what I write.

In the meantime I’m trying to write an article about the changes and the site. I’m having a bit of trouble though. I keep getting the urge to write what’s on my mind and at this moment it would be considered to be vulgar and offensive to virgin eyes.

It’s late and since I have no work at the moment I’ll be waiting to update the working blog until I figure out where to cut expenses without upsetting my toddler. Now I’m going to have a cigarette and get some of the frustrations out. Luckily my neighbors are far enough away they can’t hear what goes on in the house and if I happen to go outside to yell the ones closest on this side of the road can’t hear from inside their house.

Did I mention I want both these movies? My toddler keeps breaking my DVD’s so I’ve got to find a new form to keep movies on that she can’t destroy.

Figuring Expenses Again

I figured up most of my expenses again. I got up to $865 and stopped thinking there isn’t any way that could be right. Well, I once I stopped to look I saw why they were so high. Child support is in arrears by $665 currently and one of the bank accounts is over drawn by $403.22 at the moment. That’s gonna take a couple months to fix.

The light bill is on budget billing and runs $200 a month. So far we’ve been under budget which is good because the summer means that the bills are going up. The air conditioning doesn’t work right. According to the last people to look at it I would be in desperate need of new duct work which I can not afford. I want to have a house built but I can’t afford that either. I want it put in the trees so that it has shade. I also want window air and an alternative to the central heat without having to have something sit in the floor for it.

My credit is shot which creates a big problem there though. I have to lower my bills a great deal to do that. I also have to build up my savings account enough to cover the majority of the expense while having something to fall back on in the event of an emergency. There are a dozen expenses that I could cut out if I was the only one in the house. Since I am not it’s only my personal expenses that I can reduce and not the costs of the entire house.

Well, this post is getting off track so I’m going to update my rambling blog now since that’s what I’m doing.