Behind My Schedule


While I am on schedule to finish my current project ahead of deadline I am not on schedule to finish it up before tonight as I had hoped. That’s fine though, it’s only a few articles to do tomorrow. I was hoping to do the remaining 8 yesterday but appointments, tantrums and life took over. I’m really glad this lady works from home with small children too.

I’m hoping I can stay awake long enough to finish. I seem to be coming down with something and that’s not a good sign with the cold spell we’ve had. I am trying to be reasonable with the heaters. I noticed today I turned one on because I was cold and it’s thermostat said that is was 75 degrees in here. I think I’ve adjusted to using space heaters what do you think? Seriously I have found myself hot at 68 degrees so I think I’m catching cold.


I’ll be taking a short rest after this project is done. That a long one but a short one to hunt down a ladder, take a few measurements and nail a few things down. Lovely mini vacation of manual labor by myself planned. Fun, fun.

Well, I have to go now.