Wandering mind

My mind is wandering today. So far I wrote two news articles, one about a man that was charged with murder based on Google Maps and another on the storms that hit the state and several others yesterday and today. Turns out the total fatalities from the storm are up to 17. I finished one article on coupons that I still have to edit and worked a second for submission to a site. Then I checked out the other writing sites to see if there was anything quick I could grab.

I have played a little bit of Mafia wars, washed three loads of laundry and went over to Weebly to start a website. I’m still working on it but I hope to have it up by the end of the week so that I can have everything in one place. If nothing else it’ll give me a place to put everything so that I can simply make separate sections instead of keeping up with three blogs on a regular basic. I can just post links back here when I have something that doesn’t fit.

I’ve also been looking at previews for the coupons in this Sunday’s newspaper and so far they look good enough that I’ll be splurging on the physical paper instead of reading it online. I baked some cinnamon rolls that are doughy because my other half decided to help and open the oven door to decide they were done. I didn’t bother to check overlooking the fact his eye sight isn’t as good as it could be and he had no idea what was going on when he opened the oven.

I’m also cleaning my coffee pot and getting ready to right a very bad review of the particular cleaner I’m using since I’m going to have to wipe it out by hand to get some things I feel it shouldn’t have left behind.

Well, I’m going back to my new website and the couponing articles so that I can finish them up and begin on something else. I’m trying to do four distinct articles about them before moving on to some kids stuff.