Broke as broke can be

Well, today is payday which would normally make me happy but not today. It’s already gone before I even get it and I can’t seem to make enough to make up for anything that I might have to spend. I’ve still got bills to pay this month and while I have the money to cover them I don’t have money for anything else. I’ll be starting next month in debt.

I owe $25 for babysitting which was for four hours while I ran errands thinking it would make it faster. Then I’ll have to repay the money I’m going to have to borrow in order to make it until the end of the month. Next month we go back to school which means it’s time to find more school clothes or at least a new pair of shoes for the little one. She’ll be happy to ride to school with her friends once again. One day a week I have to go pick her up from school to get her to therapy on time but that’s only one day and it won’t be too hard on the budget.

I’m thinking of transferring money from my savings account to checking and leaving just enough to keep it open in the account so I can make it until I get my loan. I can always put it back later. At least that’s what I like to tell myself.