Finally Theresa has decided she’s happy to eat what is put in front of her. Lately she has been wanting to eat nothing but sweets and bread. It’s usually when we don’t have either of those things on hand. This morning I made her an egg and some crackers. She finished her plate! I was so happy and a bit surprised that I got so distracted I didn’t even notice that she’d eaten the entire plate.

I went to check the on demand listings and she said “I want watch Scooby Doo” so I let her watch one episode. I’ve got to find her some more episodes online to watch. The same 6 or 7 episodes have been on demand for what seems like forever now. At the moment since she’s been so good she’s watching an episode of “Bobby’s World” since she’s never really seen the show. I’m thinking of getting her a few of the movies since she picks them out using the boxes.