Tax Time

Not my favorite time of the year but they have to be done. I’ve managed to do half of them. My federal return has been electronically filed and accepted by the IRS, now to find time to do the state return when I have peace and quiet to think as I fill in the form. The federal government will be sending us a small refund compared to previous years but I was expecting that.

The part that I was not expecting was to see that our income has gone down approximately $5,000 a year over the past year. I have to get our income back up, since I control or at least am supposed to be in control of my income that would be my area. I have sat down and figured out that I have to stop taking so much time off without scheduling it.

I spent the weekend resting because I was exhausted. I don’t feel much better today and have only managed one article. I have managed to open the three articles I was working on and add a little bit to them so that’s a start. I’ll be working this evening for a little while.

When the sun comes back out I’ll be doing some work outside in an effort to bring down the light bill until we can do something about the decaying areas of the house. The driveway has to be fixed as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get any worse. I’m going to search Amazon to see if they have any repairing items I can use my gift cards to purchase.