Slowing Down for Saturday

It’s a nice thought isn’t it? I would be slowing down because I haven’t gotten the rest of my project yet which is fine. I did the last two I got yesterday last night and will check in and out today for more to finish it up and get paid. In the meantime I focus on cleaning areas of my home that get neglected during the week because they need a thorough spring cleaning. It’s supposed to rain so there won’t be any work done outside for fear of having to turn around and redo what was done.

I have laundry that gets to hang on the indoor line to prevent having to run out in the rain and risk breaking my neck to get it in during the rain. My carpet is getting cleaning with vinegar water and a rag (I failed to replace my mop). Actually I got irritated that the mop head I wanted wasn’t in the store, a cheap sponge mop was $1.50 (doesn’t work well for my purposes) and those Mr. Clean Mop refills at $5 a refill were all they had in stock. Lovely, lovely I do so love to watch the mop wear down before my eyes but I guess at least then you never use it past its prime. I should have picked up a pack of sponges to do my floor with since I prefer to do it on my hands and knees anyway.

So as I go back and forth from my screen and housekeeping this morning I will have a million things going at once. My dishes are soaking in a sink full of soapy water right now to make sure all the food that was stuck to them comes off. I need to buy a dishwasher since I’m the only one that appears to know that it’s not my job to clean everything. Of course it’s not the first time I’ve been here, it’s always my fault if things aren’t clean the way they should be in the sexist minds that surround me.

I would also need to remember that my towels need more air when they dry to prevent them from souring. Yuck! Another thing to remember in the future is that while the relatively new dish liquid from Gain works well, it has an overwhelming perfume smell from it. Yet, another thing that gives me a headache.

OK off to eat breakfast before I forget all together.

Short Lived Rest

I took a rest this past week to clean the house, read a book or two and have me time. The time to think cleared my head and this morning I opened my email to a job invitation. It’s not exciting but it pays and it’s easy. That is if I can focus long enough to do it. The project shouldn’t take that long once I actually sit down and do it, the problem is sitting still to do it. I seem to work faster and better under pressure so I guess I’ll create some.

I’m not taking my laptop with me to work while we’re in therapy today even though it’s going to be a long afternoon. Instead I am going to read my book. The little one is picked up from school for her first appointment today since it won’t give her time to eat lunch if the bus brings her home. So “Donald’s” as she calls will be providing lunch.

I have other work and some reading to do during the time I have scheduled myself off. Provided I meet my writing goals during my time off I have plenty of time to do everything else. The house still needs more cleaning but I can do it in stages as I throw things out that are no longer of use. I may just donate and sell the junk I don’t want, need, watch or use anymore.

I finally get to catch the laundry up. Who knew that a weekend worth of cleaning and catching up the ┬álaundry would cause the laundry to pile up because I ran out of detergent? A fact that was correct yesterday, now I get to play catch up again. Tide with Febreeze gives me a headache. (Note to self pay more attention, you don’t even like strong perfumes on people.)

Well, I wrote out a couple bills and made the shopping list, now it’s time to get back to work.