Days off to a good start but……..

I wish I knew more about online games. If I did I could make up to $126 on one article.  That would put me well over my goal for one site’s next payday. I set a goal of $100 for one site b/c of the work that I do there and I’m over half way there now. I did five short and sweet articles this morning and just submitted a review of toothpaste to another to get myself a bit closer to payout there. I intend to make this payout my last one there so I’m sort of in a hurry to get it. 

I’m not doing too badly today seeing as I managed to get the kid on the bus, do some dishes, get the laundry down and lay out dinner for tonight all with an ear ache. I’d really rather be in bed crying right now but there is no rest for the wicked. I’m wishing for a hot water bottle to lay on next time I feel this way.