Why Do I Work From Home with a Small Child?

When I first began to work from home it was because I could not take the thought of putting my youngest daughter into daycare the same way that I did with her big sister. If I’d have known then what would happen I’d never have let her out of my sight but it’s too late to turn back now. She’s healthy but she’s no longer in my home, the same thing will not happen with the youngest no matter what I have to do.

The baby has been in school for a year and a half now but I still work from home because of her therapy schedules. I was hoping that she’d go full time this year or I’d simply keep her home and focus on therapy. I no longer desire to work from home but I still have an intense fear of returning to the traditional work force. I don’t care to leave my baby in daycare and the fact that it costs a small fortune is only part of the problem. Then there is the fact that I need new clothes.

I made the decision when I found out about my baby to stay home. Well, I made it a few months before she was born. I had lost my job and as my due date got closer I found that I couldn’t find one. Now the baby is 4 1/2 years old and a quick glance in my closet will tell anyone that I’d have to buy a new wardrobe just for filling out applications. I am much better off at the moment trying to rebuild my income from home to increase savings so I can buy those things that I need to return to the traditional workforce and turn writing back into my favorite hobby.

In the meantime I work from home because I’m afraid that I don’t remember how to work with the public.