The kid is hyper today

Theresa was fine this morning as I fixed her breakfast and did two loads of laundry. I even managed to write a total of thirteen articles today while she watched cartoons. She loves it when she gets to watch her cartoons back to back and she actually tries to talk about them. She was a bit hyper today because of foods she’s not supposed to have that she got too much of but that would be my fault because I haven’t been to the grocery store.

I was so tired when she took her nap I took one or tried to it lasted less than an hour. We watched “Sixteen Candles” together when she got up from her nap. She was really into slapping when she got up. She thinks it’s funny when you say “ouch” so I think I really have to stop doing that but it’s kind of difficult when she hits you directly in the eye.

I’m proud that she actually got all of her supplements today. Well she got all of the ones that she has. She’s out of zinc and fish oil. I don’t have the empty fish oil bottle to remind me to order it so I forget a lot. I’m order the larger bottle next time so it actually last her all month and maybe a little into the next month. The 4oz bottle has 24 – 1tsp servings, she’s on 3/4th tsp once a day so it last a little bit longer than 24 days but not much. Or maybe I’m just not that good at measuring. I forgot to get the right needle to give her shot with so she’s stuck with the one I have until I can go get the 3ml. Good thing she doesn’t need the shot until Monday.

There is a store less than 10 minutes from me and I pass right by it every time because I forget that it’s there. I have to make some more laundry detergent soon, I may just do some laundry in the sink since I wear the same few shirts over and over. It doesn’t take as long to wash one item and I won’t have a lot to put away. I have to get Theresa more training pants and the plastic covers. She has training pants without the covers and I think that she may have two days of cloth training pants. Who’s bright idea was it to sell them in such small packages at such an outrageous price?

Well, I wanted to get a little bit more work in so I’m going to stop rambling now.