The appointment that wasn’t

Yesterday morning I got up at 5:30 to give myself time to have a cup of coffee, etc before I got Theresa up. Well, there wasn’t any running water and a cat let himself in through the vent. I thought the pipes were frozen and hoped nothing would bust. Wrong. The pump had cut itself off in the night, nice and expensive to repair or replace since I have no idea how to do either. Well of course the morning went on, Theresa got up and dressed, pretended to eat breakfast etc.

Well, when we went to leave I realized I didn’t have time to defrost the windows. So I’m out side in the cold without a coat while Theresa sits in the back seat as the truck warms up waiting on me to scrap the ice off my windows. I didn’t do a very good job and I noticed that my windshield had a crack all the way across in front of the lower half on the drivers side now instead of just a little chip from where the rock flew up and hit it. Fast forward we leave and I get down the road a bit before I decide that I have to stop and clean the windshield some more because I can’t see.

Well, windshield is clean and we’re on our way. Until I start to smell something and realize smoke is coming in through the gear shift. So we pull into a parking lot and call home. Hubby calls the office we’re going to and leaves a message with the answering service. About 15 minutes after we’re supposed to be there the same office calls to see if we’re on our way because they didn’t see the message yet. Work that out and wait on hubby with feet freezing. He locks himself out of the house before he can come check on us. Lovely.

Finally we get home go and go through rescheduling before discovering that the woman we were supposed to see decides she can use someone else’s results to draw her conclusions so we don’t have to wait so long for the results. Now I’m trying to get rid of things that no longer fit, are broken and I just don’t want to have less to do and save some money.

OK I’ve got articles in my head so I’m going to be going for now but I’ll be back to update the other two blogs later today. Some antifreeze would have saved me a lot of headache, remember to check yours!