It’s gonna be a late night

Well, it might be. Theresa took a nap late today because she was rather cranky after she managed to hit her face on my headboard. Poor baby has a bruise on her cheek. She’s awake now but she doesn’t want to get up just yet. Oh well, if she wants to rest longer she can but I think she’s about ready to get up. Well I guess she’s ready to get up.

She’s in a better mood than when she went to bed. Now to figure out what time you put a four year old to bed when she’s taken a nap half the afternoon. Hubby cooked lunch for tomorrow already, a roast and we have one pork chop left from lunch today.

I bought a loaf of 12 grain bread for $1 today. It’s good, I’ve got to shop at WRC more often. They have some pretty good prices on some things. I managed to get us most of what we’ll need for the month for $30. I was happy with that, I’m not sure I’m happy with the shampoo that I bought though. OK I’ll be going now I’ve got one more blog to update and I want to search to see what I’m using the next gift cards I get for.