No Tantrums!

The day began fairly well considering we were running late. We managed to get to the doctor’s office a little after 8a.m. and were home by 9:30 this morning. Theresa did fine, she didn’t have a fit when we got there, instead she was pointing things out to me that she saw around her. It was almost too good to be true, then we went inside.

She listened well enough to come back to where I could see her while I signed her in and told them that we were there for lab work. The wait wasn’t that long considering it’s a doctor’s office. Theresa went back and forth from watching “Mickey Mouse” to looking in the fish tank and visiting with another family that had a baby with them. She was very nice.

Finally, it’s her turn and she comes with me willingly. She went into the room told us “I’m sorry” and of course we’re wondering if she’s telling Ms. Pat she should be apologizing already. When I put her in my lap, she said “sticker” she wanted to make sure that she got her sticker first. She was fairly calm, not a single hint of a scream when the finger prick was taken. She remained fairly calm while the blood was dropped into the tube, and was completely calm when it was completed.!

All in all it’s a good day so far. Now to get through an afternoon of Therapy, and see if my ABA therapist wants to meet me at the school at 8a.m. on the day of the IEP meeting. She lives in Florida so that may be a tough time for her.