Wandering thoughts

I have let yet another weekend pass without managing to do much of anything. I’m not sure if it’s the chill that was in the air or the fact that I am addicted to my computer but we spent both days of this beautiful weekend inside. I know that I have to do something about this computer addiction even if it’s just saving up my money to purchase a new battery for my laptop so I can write outside.

The problem with working outside is that I would need a wireless connection to the Internet. While I have broadband I have the misfortune of being tied to the connection. I hope one day to buy a wireless router but in the mean time I would like to make sure I find the cheapest alternative to the connection that I have now. The price for working from home is getting to be outrageous with my hours being drastically reduced.

This past week saw some changes to the therapy schedule, one change has to be rescheduled to make up for the missed session. The other change is permanent. I no longer have to worry about setting my alarm on Tuesday mornings, the therapy appointment was moved from 10a.m. to 1:30p.m. While this will keep up from planning anything that day I think it might help with my productivity since I can get more done before we go and errands can easily be run afterward.

My work schedule is changing yet again. I think that getting up before six in the morning makes me a bit more productive as long as I can get my emails out of the way before I start the work day. Today of course is Monday yet again, Theresa is having the peanut butter sandwich I promised her for breakfast.

So far I set my alarm for 5:30 am on school days and lately I’ve been hitting the snooze a lot. Well, I said this was a place for my mind to wander and wander it has. I have to go get it back on track for the two articles I’m in the middle of writing right now.

Theresa’s New Loves

Theresa is making amazing progress. Her latest love is “Ye- Haw” she’s been watching the “Dukes of Hazzard”. Nothing gets her attention faster than when she hears that phrase. Oh well, I’ll take it.

I have to say that I’m enjoying my new schedule or lack of one. Yesterday I managed to get one article written while she was at school and I did some some laundry. The rest of the day even inspired an article. I think all in all it was a rather good day considering that I managed to get home therapy into the mix. The therapy she was supposed to be getting at home had been greatly cut into with all the deadline pressures.

We have OT and speech back to back today so while we’re gone I’m going to see how much farther I can get in the book I’ve been trying to read. Since my computer won’t hold a charge  I still have paper backs. If I can ever get through them all I can go trade them in 2 for 1, get something new to read at no cost while cutting the amount of books I have in half.

Theresa’s step grandmother has already begun buying for Christmas. She doesn’t listen very well but mostly she got what I put on the list. As long as we don’t have a repeat of last year, I should be able to control my temper this year. Well, it’s almost time to get ready to go so I have to go make sure I have everything in order for the day.