Still Irritated and Have Lost all Patience

When I first figured out how much work I would have to do without the benefit of private clients I never counted on such drastic changes in payment policies. I have to redo the entire thing. The problem with figuring it out all over again is that I’m too shocked and irritated at the sudden changes being crammed down everyone’s throats. Yes, there are some cheering the changes on while those that are supposed to be answering questions are treating those with questions as if they have brain damage for wanting clarification and straight answers.

I have no patience for this, in fact I stopped posting on those boards for the most part when the new moderator came in. I’ve always found this particular moderator to be offensive but it would appear that he would be there to stay. Strange though I almost feel sorry for him as he doesn’t seem to know that he is the biggest part of the problem.
I managed to watch the first Sex and the City movie all but the first fifteen minutes last night. That was the highlight of my day. Now I’ve got to get as much done as possible in the next fourteen minutes before I get the little one off the school bus.