Friday and Exhausted

It’s Friday for a few more hours anyway. We had speech and ABA this morning. Theresa was exhausted, she was up late last night. We have 8 raffle tickets left to sell. They’re going slowly, it seems that everyone is either broke or stingy.

Hubby is going to his parents tomorrow. They’re renewing their wedding vows. I don’t particularly want to go and Theresa’s had just as long a week as I have. So we’re staying home while he goes. While it may be a bit hateful to say so I do believe if they can afford tacky decorations they can afford to purchase a raffle ticket that benefits their grandchild. Of course it’s not my place to say and it’d be rather rude to point it out to them so I’ll just stay away from them.

Well, hopefully Theresa will be winding down soon and I’ll be going back to bed.