Finally Friday!

It’s Friday night and I get to pretend to rest for the next two days! I saw pretend because I have to attempt to get some writing done and submitted to various sites. I hope to cram about a week’s worth of articles into two days, at least the initial writing and a couple edits. At least that’s what I hope to do but lately no one wants to co-operate so that I can get any work done. I’ve been doing editorials all week, I even published a couple so that I could say I did something. I got one article accepted by Constant Content and I’m happy with that, now to figure out what to write next for them.

Theresa has decided to wear a bandanna on her head, it seems to calm her. She’s rather hyper so I’m reconsidering my decision to leave her off of her special and restrictive diet. It helps with the behaviors and I want her to calm down a little. Not much, she’ll get too silent but a little less of the running through the house making my nerves jump would be nice.

The leaky faucet on the bathtub in the master bathroom is fixed. Now for hubby to get under the house and  fix that pipe once and for all. That’ll help with the utility bill a lot once the well pump stops shutting on and off. Now to get the duct work fixed so that we can have air conditioning without an outrageous bill this summer.

I made more laundry soap today. I made it double concentrated because my washing machine isn’t doing it’s job. I used the powder version this morning and it cleaned a little bit better but I prefer the liquid because it dissolves better in the water.