That’s the amount that I’ll have left after the 2nd phone bill is paid. It’s not due until Christmas Eve but I have to keep that money aside for it. Today is supposed to be payday and it better be. I’ll be ill if it’s not.

I’ve still got $193.99 left to buy food. That’s a good thing. I need coffee, sugar, some more meat. I’ll probably do a pick 5 for $19.99 since the portions are larger. That’s five dinners, so maybe I’ll buy 2 of them. I think we need peanut butter so that Theresa can have snacks.

I’ve got half a tank of gas to last the next four days and two days next week. We have a Christmas party and one day of therapy. That’s all it has to last for other than a possible trip to my mother’s house to see my oldest daughter.

Well, that’s all for now. Work not going so well and as my income decreases I become increasingly irritable. I’ll be back later.