It’s Almost Friday!

Well, it’s Thursday which meant that yesterday we had preschool and ABA. We were supposed to have speech but it was cancelled yesterday and today because the therapist was sick. After ABA and before OT she’s always a bit testy now.

I’m not really happy with the ABA this week actually since June Theresa has been having compliance issues after ABA sessions. It’s these times of non-compliance that make working from home the most difficult. The fact that the ABA isn’t focusing on potty training now and wants to wait irritates me a bit. The fact that I can keep buying disposables or continue taking her to therapy hasn’t seemed to dawn on her yet.

Theresa loses potty training progress on Monday and Wednesday. She won’t be able to go to her grandparents for even a short visit since they’re well lazy since the invention of disposables. That and they don’t listen any better than one of the therapists at the moment. OK I lost my thought so I’ll be going now.