One article Day so Far

Well so far today I’ve managed to write and save one article to be edited later. I noticed lately that when I managed to submit an article that was accepted for upfront payment that I had tiny typos that while barely noticeable stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I have an idea for an article related to the one that I wrote which will give me two articles to submit for upfront payments at Associated Content.

I did some math today and figured out that in order to supplement my income enough at the current rates I’m getting I can write 30 articles a week. That is provided that all thirty are accepted for upfront payments; I can also submit at least five a week just for performance payments in areas that don’t usually get upfront payments to help my earnings. The whole point of sitting on the articles I’m managing to write today is to see if I can increase the earnings rate and make sure I haven’t left anything relevant to the article out of it.

I bought a few bottles of Theresa’s supplements today. Finally I had the money to replace three of the four she ran out of. Still need the fish oil, that’s why I’m trying to force myself to write. I’ve got to pay hubby’s phone bill too while still getting us where we need to go.

What did I spend today?
zinc $4 (bottle will last one month; hoping that they get the 30mg capsules in soon)
magnesium citrate $6
acetyl l $15 for a grand total of $25.

What’s left to buy? The pro-omega fish oil for approximately $63 to ensure it last the month. There is also the matter of paying hubby’s phone bill. It’s only $21.80 and he’s about out of time because he  seems to use it more when he has no choice but to conserve it.

I have a better idea now of how much I’m spending on supplements each month. The complete powder ($35), zinc ($4) and pro-omega fish oil ($63) are the only ones that I have to buy each and every month. (I think I could be wrong.) That comes to $102 each and every month. I may come off better when/if they get the 30mg zinc capsules in so she just gets one instead of two. I’m beginning to wonder if they are some supplements that would cover two or more areas that she has issues with. The next time I have to buy supplements I’ll make it a point to figure out the average monthly costs.

It’s time to go update everyone on the family side of the day now.