Figuring Expenses Again

I figured up most of my expenses again. I got up to $865 and stopped thinking there isn’t any way that could be right. Well, I once I stopped to look I saw why they were so high. Child support is in arrears by $665 currently and one of the bank accounts is over drawn by $403.22 at the moment. That’s gonna take a couple months to fix.

The light bill is on budget billing and runs $200 a month. So far we’ve been under budget which is good because the summer means that the bills are going up. The air conditioning doesn’t work right. According to the last people to look at it I would be in desperate need of new duct work which I can not afford. I want to have a house built but I can’t afford that either. I want it put in the trees so that it has shade. I also want window air and an alternative to the central heat without having to have something sit in the floor for it.

My credit is shot which creates a big problem there though. I have to lower my bills a great deal to do that. I also have to build up my savings account enough to cover the majority of the expense while having something to fall back on in the event of an emergency. There are a dozen expenses that I could cut out if I was the only one in the house. Since I am not it’s only my personal expenses that I can reduce and not the costs of the entire house.

Well, this post is getting off track so I’m going to update my rambling blog now since that’s what I’m doing.

Too Much to Think About

Well, as far as I can tell all that’s left of the financial aide applications for the therapy is to find the proofs. The essay is done too. Surprisingly for a writer I found it impossible to be articulate. The goal is for her to be completely independent, putting that into a full page is rather difficult.

Right now the weather is scarily calm. The storms that have been moving across the country aren’t here yet. This morning there was the rude awakening to thunder shaking the house. Once again this increased the knowledge that I need to move or at least get something on a foundation. The problem at the moment the income is barely covering the expenses. Anything would offer less room which while it has it’s drawbacks has a few advantages that might just out weight them.

The advantages of less space? It increases the possibility of being able to fence in the yard and make it a lot easier to keep up with. Theresa could play without the worry of her wandering off and getting hurt before we can catch her. A smaller house would force us to get only the things that we need. A mortgage, homeowners insurance and yearly taxes all add up to a great deal of expense not to mention the costs of maintaining everything in the home ourselves. Rent means that while the extra expenses aren’t had the place will never be ours and evictions are possible instead of foreclosures.

All of this is too much to think about right now. I’ll continue to look at floor plans trying to find the perfect home for our needs. Something with enough room for us, one day all three of our girls and their children when they come to visit. A kitchen with a door to protect little ones from getting burned and a basement to stay in during the storms. I keep wondering about the possibility of building a house down into the ground. The problem is underground water, pipes, and a host of other things that I’d rather night think about right now.