Amazing to See Visible Progress

Theresa may not be cooperating to potty train all the time but what she is doing is amazing. I bought her a computer some time back, one of those kid computers with a few dozen choices of what to do. Well, lately she’s been doing “Find the missing letter” and amazingly enough even with her resistance to communicate she’s finding them about 80% of the time. When one comes up she doesn’t know she either finds a flash card with the word so she can fill in the letter or turns the small device on and off until it gets to one she knows. So far this week she’s played “Duck, duck, goose” (understood the game) and “musical chairs”although she didn’t associate the music with the chairs she had fun.

Preschool starts back Monday. So Monday and Wednesday mornings I’ll be without my baby. Guess I have a choice either work those for hours or use it to clean up what she’s just gonna mess up again when she gets home. She’ll have two speech sessions and one OT at the preschool. Then outside of preschool she’ll get one 45 minute OT, one 2 hour ABA and five 30 minute speech sessions each week. It’s time to go through her toys and get out the ones she’s outgrown and start using the ones she’s just learned how to use.

I still have to print out some individual pages for her to color, imitate, ect…. with but she’s not cooperating to show me which ones she needs the most so I guess I’ll just guess at it until she can vocalize that a little better. When schools starts back it’ll be easier, I’ll be able to take what she has to do in class and use it as a guide.

Well, it’s awfully late after such a long day so I’ll be calling it a night soon.