Trying to Move

I’m not only trying to work enough to help cover the bills and save a little bit of money for emergencies but I’m trying to move as well. My roof is about gone which became apparent when my husband went to re-secure the antenna and realized he was trying to put approximately five inch screws into the overhang. The wood was so rotten that they were splitting it and he couldn’t get deep enough to find wood that wasn’t rotten. That’s what happens when you put shingles on a trailer instead of a metal roof it seems. With all the other repairs that need to be done it is past time to call it a loss, problem is that when I moved out here I was sure I’d never have to move again. Oh well shit I mean life happens.

So far I have a $1 in my savings account and $5.40 in my change jar. That’s not much but it’s a good sign that the money in the change jar hasn’t been touched so the total is going up instead of going down. That’s a good thing the bad thing is that the total isn’t going up fast enough to make a difference. I was kind of hoping to use some of it to help pay the overage on the light bill I have coming due. We’re $200 over budget and that has to be taken care of along with the actual bill in order to be able to do anything about moving. We’re going to have to either pay a fee to transfer the lights or put them in my husbands name and make payments on the other bill. The problem with that is it’s a $35 transfer fee (at least I think that’s what it  is) versus a $100 light deposit. Now I have a $150 deposit with the city of Dothan that I could leave with them which at the moment would leave us a $50 overage. Then the actual bill plus that is what I have to pay. I’m hoping to send some extra to help cover the overage next month but we have a $300 loan to repay first. This is about to get interesting.

The regular monthly expenses plus the loan repayment, light bill overage and catching up the child support that fell behind during the summer while my other half was off for two months is going to put a strain on us. I have a plan sort of. I can still cut some expenses and I can work a little bit more to tuck money away to help cover these expenses. We’re going to need new furniture but that can always be new to us, used furniture. We don’t need that much just a few places to sit and somewhere to sleep. My futon mattress, Theresa’s recliner and the space savers for the closets are moving with us. The dishes, her toys, my laptop and a few other luxuries that will all fit in the back of my rodeo and trunk of the car to save on leasing a moving van.

I have google voice that I can make outgoing calls with but they do not have a local number in my area at the moment to allow calls to come into me. When they do I”m going to re-evaluate my cell phone plan and attempt to find one of the actual phone set ups that works with it to reduce that bill so that it’s only used for emergencies. Well, my computer is trying to tell me it’s time I went to work so I”m off to find music to listen to as I try and think of a topic to use as today’s theme for my submissions.