Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is getting closer. I put the tree up with the kid this morning, she even put some of the limbs on and a couple of the decorations. There still aren’t that many, all of them she made in school or therapy. She likes to see things that she made on the tree, so they are all her creations and will continue to be until she wishes otherwise. There are no gifts under the tree yet, Theresa’s are the only ones that will go under it. My oldest daughter’s will be taken elsewhere. The oldest has her birthday first and this year it appears that all she gets is a card in the mail. I have yet to buy anything for the holiday or the kid’s birthday because I have not had the money. Everything is tearing up and being used up. This is a rather bad time to be out of everything. I will figure out the girl’s gifts. I would make them something for their birthdays but the last time I tried that the youngest father used the gift. The fact no one gave it to him and the fact that it was put up out of sight were not clues that he might want to ask before he did. The fact he was told that it was for someone did not give him a clue either.

I would be hoping to get my divorce papers signed in time for Christmas. Then this blood sucking idiot that is draining the very life from me will have no choice but to get out. He refuses to leave my home no matter how many times he is told to leave. I am working on finding both the papers so that the important parts can simply be filled in and filed. The filing fees are a different story but I’m working on a way to cover them.

Why Can’t I Fit My Computer in my Pocket?

If my computer would fit in my pocket a lot of my problems would be solved. I could simply fold it up and take it out when I got where I was going in order to work where ever I am. It would be a lot simpler life with a child in tow. I need to increase my income but so far it’s going rather badly. I keep getting hit with these irritating little nickel and dime expenses that are taking more than their toll on me.

I will be spending the morning asking my soon to be ex questions from a job application in order to ensure the information is entered quickly enough that I have my computer free in time to get some actual work done today. He’s slow as Christmas at everything and answering simple “yes or no” questions is no exception to that rule. I am attempting to help him find a job that pays a living wage or even one that he can work in addition to the part time job he currently has. The man has had eight jobs since 2005, since I am the one that felt the stress of each and every change I would be helping him to fill out more applications to prevent having to feel the stress during the divorce.

Christmas is only two months away which is not a lot of time to shop, especially with no money but I am a bit annoyed that the two holidays that come before it are being over looked. I do not like this time of year and the rush that it creates. No one appears to be taking the time anymore to remember what the holiday is supposed to be about. Instead it is about spending as much as you can. This is the part of the holiday that annoys me the most. Oh well, I need to be working so I’ll go for now.

Visible Progress

While I have things stacked all over my living room at the moment the absence of an old worn out chair that made it to the side of the road gives me a visible sign of progress to enjoy. I am currently shoving things in a dresser that is used to catch anything and everything to make the living room presentable. Once the large items are out of the house I intend to go through it. It’s time to make a list for my child’s grandparents once again.

Christmas and Birthdays are close for my girls. The youngest is in constant need of therapy supplies so I’m starting with those. She needs new dry erase markers and lined paper for practicing her letters. We need 12 and 24 piece puzzles with and without the picture underneath. Hopefully all big enough not to fall into the vents. Then there are a few pants, some socks and a pair of tennis shoes that she is going to need for school. If I let them buy clothing it has to be for school or else I’ll end up with a million things she outgrows before she ever wears because she does not need day to day clothes. Only specific colors and types of clothing can be worn to school.

Tomorrow Theresa has preschool in the morning followed by speech and occupational therapy in the afternoon. When those two appointments are over we go to the doctor’s office for her Autism consult which means that the doctor has to take blood. I hope that it’s a finger stick and not an actual blood draw. She did good for the last finger prick but the blood draws they may need to hold her down. I want to cry every time she has blood drawn. I will get the list of her supplements and current doses tonight to take with us tomorrow. I will also make a separate list to take to the pharmacy and replace the ones she’s out of with.

Changing approaches and learning something new

I give up. I’m changing my approach to work and learning something new. I’m trying my hand at writing news articles and learning to use third person which is rather difficult for me since I prefer to feel as if I am talking to someone instead of at them.

If I figured it right I currently have $21 for Christmas for three kids and a birthday present for one. I get an unexpected payday this month which will give me $30, I need to keep approximately $15 of that for gas just in case. I have no idea what to get any of them I just know whatever it is won’t be expensive.

I decided to use Swagbucks for all my searches. I’m using the SB’s to get $5 gift cards for The goal is to save them up until October possibly November of 2011 and use them to help covers the kids gifts.

The bills are increasing next month so my work schedule is going to be even more hectic. Sadly enough I’m thinking of cutting back therapy to make up for the income decreases since gas prices are on the rise. Well, I’m not getting any work done rambling here so I’m going now.

Almost all the bills are paid!

Well, almost all of the bills in my name anyway! I have to payout $20, $21.80 and $21.80 the rest of this month. I’ve still got to buy the fish oil however. I keep forgetting. The rest of my bills total $ $63.60! That’ll leave a little bit of money to get the girls Christmas and Theresa’s birthday present. I’m thinking we’ll skip the party again this year. It’s a hassle and we have therapy the 23rd so I won’t have all the time off that I thought I would. Oh well, I can still get plenty of housework and work work done during the time we do have off.

Tomorrow we go to the grocery store. I got paid a day early and we need food. Not to be rude but if I got rid of the overgrown toddler I’d spend 1/4 of what I spend now and have enough groceries to last the month in one trip. I’ve got to pick up a couple bars of Octagon to have on hand for when I need to make more laundry soap, I think I’ll get a bar of Zote to mix with it. That’s only $3 less if I go to two different stores to get the soap.

I think that I’ll go get a pick 6 meat for $19.99 and a few vegetables. I’ll get the baby some milk, snacks and a bit of frozen juice maybe. She likes kool-aid. I got her pull-ups and some more wipes today so I don’t have to buy them tomorrow. I do have to pack her bag with the juice and chocolate gold fish so I don’t spend money on snacks while we’re out. I think I’ll buy myself another bottle to take with us when we’re out. I need a water bottle for the fridge so that I can stop running water into a glass every time I want some.

The splurge I want is a new flavor cartridge for the filter. I need a new water filter for the sink so I can actually drink the water that comes out of it. I don’t like water and my flavor cartridge keeps me from buying flavored bottles. OK I’m tired so I’ll be going for today.

Making up for time off

Today is not a rather productive day so far. I managed to complete one article and begin another one. So today’s total so far is $2.50 provided I keep my writing percentage up to earn that if not it’s a $2 day so far. I figured out that I’m way behind on my earnings for December already but I think I figured that out too.

The earnings for the month of December are already pretty much set so there’s nothing to do except write some articles to other sites for upfront payments. I have to write everyday to make up for the time off that I took the last few months. There are some adjustments that I have to make to my schedule because of the increased amount of time we’ll be at the clinic for therapy. Little things like taking paper to figure the budget and updating my diary so that I can type those up at wikinut as diary pages to earn from the page views.

If I can manage to come up with enough items to review that I can get $20 I’ll be up to the $50 for payout at Review Stream. I’m hoping to get enough before the end of December. My three girls are each getting Christmas and the two with birthdays will get presents too. That’s five gifts, one for each girl, one for each occasion. I’ll be testing the “review anything and get paid” theory a great deal this month. I know food reviews, people reviews and product reviews are excepted but what else can I review. People reviews only get about $0.50 each so that’d be about twenty people to review. I know a couple of people I can write reviews of today, I can write one on my pets as well. That’ll just leave a lot of work to earn a little bit of money for payout. I think I can manage to get it down to writing a few reviews in an hour each day.

Well, I’m not earning anything by sitting here thinking about what I should do so I think it’s time to go back to work for the day.

Thanksgiving Week

I was reading this post about Thanksgiving this morning and I started thinking. The problem in the post is a bit different from mine though. I rarely get to spend Thanksgiving with my oldest daughter although the last few years have been spent with the youngest. No one has celebrated with traditional Thanksgivings in a while here. This year my husband and youngest daughter are going out to eat with his parents. I will be staying home and enjoying time alone. Well, after five years of telling him that I don’t like to go out to eat I’m a little irritated. It never occurred to him to tell them I prefer home cooked meals especially on holidays. Of course they’d never think of actually taking the time to cook something; it’s much easier to spend money than to put thought into something for them it seems.

The highlight of my day is that an article about Christmas Gifts made it to Helium’s homepage today. It’s my best holiday article as far as performance goes so far.

Watching $40 a Day is kind of interesting at the moment. I think I’d have to aim for $10 a day or less if I were out traveling around. Well, I have two more blogs left to update today and I still haven’t finished the reviews I was working on to get a bit of extra money so I’m calling it a day now.

Making Plans now to figure out how to accomplish them

Well, lately I’ve been making plans in an attempt to figure out what to get my girls for their birthdays and Christmas. I figured out what to get the little one, the older ones that’s a bit tougher. This year they each get one gift for each occasion plus whatever unneeded item their grandparents have decided are must haves.

I have been planning on reopening my savings account for sometime now and it has yet to work out. If I remember correctly I only need $50 to reopen it. I have the feeling that’s gonna be after the first of the year, I am sure I need to see if it can be reopened for a smaller amount. I figure even if I can only put $1 a month into that’s better than nothing at this point. I also have to figure out just how much I have to cut back and earn in order to get by if it comes down to get my income to take care of most things around here.

This weekend I wrote and submitted what I think was three reviews that will probably end up getting me an entire 50 cents each. Of course it didn’t really take that long to write them so it’s not like I worked for less than a $1 an hour, I would have liked to finish the Autism article I started writing early in the week though.

I have almost figured up the total cost of Theresa’s supplements. I figured that to get the house I want I have to down size for a while. Downsizing means less room but it also means lowering the bills. Less space takes less effort to heat and cool. If I could afford a camper I could park it under the trees here while I make the plans for the house I want. The house I want has drastically decreased in size over the years.

I saw a small counter top washing machine and little dryer that would come in handy for camping if I ever went again. OK now my mind is wandering. I’ve decided to start using my swagbucks to get $5 Amazon gift cards and save them in my amazon account until I have the money to purchase the items I want.

Not very productive

I managed to write two new articles today and make a list of six to try and write tomorrow. I started an article this morning. I think I managed to get half way through before I left it and went to write something else. Of course since it’s so close to Christmas all the articles that I picked for tomorrow are related to the holiday. I chose some that are dated but once I write those I’ll find some that aren’t.

I’m looking at the empty and popular titles to see where I want to write. I think I’ll do a few diary pages at wikinut this weekend. I can break the week up into individual pages. Today Theresa has a schedule change that she took well so I can write about that.

I’ll be redoing the budget tonight and tomorrow. This month saw a $320 light bill and over $100 in doctor’s bills for my eye that weren’t planned for. I’ve got to pay $53 next month that wasn’t in the budget. I’m not sure but I think my auto insurance is due next month. Instead of paying it off for the next six months I’ll be paying it by the month because I can’t come up with the entire amount. I have to get brakes on my truck too.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get brakes. I just know the last estimate was about $250. I think I’ll start hiding some cash until I have enough to replace them. Well, it’s time to go ramble about Theresa’s day and then call it a night.

Bored as can be

OK I’m bored, actually I’ve been bored all week long. I didn’t do very much work this week, not even on the school mornings. I have cancelled two therapy sessions. Friday was cancelled and that took two appointments out in one day. Monday Theresa gets to go to preschool and miss her speech because I have a follow up with the doctor. She’s going to be even more confused, that pesky schedule has to be kept no matter what.

I redid the budget, didn’t like it a bit. We have three girls expecting Christmas and two that have birthdays in December, this is going to be fun. Oh well, I’ll figure it out I always do. My movie’s about to come back on so it’s time to go.