Jumping on the furniture

This morning Theresa was so hyper that she was standing on top of her little Clifford table and jumping off of it to the couch. It didn’t help that she was excited about her cartoons. Every time they did something she tried to do it too. She’s something else I’m telling you. She had a stubborn moment before we left therapy and tried to stay in the office grabbing whatever she wanted.

I didn’t get any work done today but she did make an awful lot of request for her shows by name. We had a $5 pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars for supper. Theresa knew what it was and said “ummmmmmmm pizza” which for her is incredible in the expressive speech department. She did great during therapy though. They used connect four and she worked to get the checkers to put into it.

She wasn’t feeling well today. I think her little stomach hurt but she can’t express it. She can only pout and lay down quietly when she feels bad. That’s how we now. Tomorrow is a school day so she’ll act like she feels good even if she doesn’t. That’s the highlight of her day two days a week.

OK not much else to say so I’ll be going for now.