Then and Now

Yesterday someone very smart pointed out I needed to think BASICS!!! SHE was right, (what you think a man could be that smart?), baking soda and vinegar. I began to think of the days when $30 cleaning supplies and groceries to feed two people for one week. It had to, it was all I had for those things.

Back then the bills came directly out of my boyfriends check so I never had to see them. All I knew was they were paid, and by directly out of his check I mean the house came with the job so the light bill and his loan (long story) came out before he got his pay. Those were the only bills we had each month but gas still had to be bought. I was looking for work out in the middle of nowhere in a place that still hadn’t figure out women are allowed to vote, have opinions and can in fact swing hammers or work on an engine alongside (often better than) men.

OK back to the reality of this post. My house was cleaner then, possibly because it only contained basic needs with very few dust collectors, (books and magazines had to be hidden at all times, seems someone had a problem with literacy) and the cleaning products in the house were limited to a few choice items.

Then a few choice cleaners were all that was found:

Baking soda (freshens, removes junk from dishes without scratching, cleans sinks, works in laundry and even helps with indigestion) doubles as shampoo and toothpaste.

Peroxide – whitens, (works as mouthwash too, directions on bottle)

Alcohol (shines faucets)

Vinegar- cleans windows, disinfects, use in place of fabric soften, can even be used to clean carpet when no access to a carpet cleaner is had.

Bleach- not fond of it but it kills germs, (lucky me it also breaks me out if it has any contact what so ever with my skin)

Tide- it was the only detergent allowed in the house (axle grease came out with it) (Found out Arm & Hammer works just as well, costs less and hasn’t followed the new perfumed trend.)

Dawn- the dishes, it also helps with getting grease out of clothes

Shop Hand Cleaner- removes grease from hands with/without water, prevents it getting in the house when strategically placed. In an emergency it also treats stains on clothes.

I’m sure there are more cleaners that don’t break me out and are friendly to the environment (ok so bleach isn’t that friendly) but I can’t think of them right now. In recent years I’ve discovered bar soap for dishes and found that stores are starting to carry laundry soap bars again which makes hand washing delicate items friendlier to my hands. I tried the various recipes for homemade detergent to get rid of the constant perfumes in laundry soap but the recipe only works well when I hand wash, something about my water, or maybe it’s time to clean the washing machine.

OK I’ll be back later. I’ve got to finish cleaning this house and it’s time for lessons. We’re working on first potty then get what you want in an effort to potty train. (The real headache is attempting to find a generic iPad to bribe the child with; yes, I have resorted to bribery and I don’t feel the least bit of guilt.)